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This is Why Your Favorite Coworker at Your Internship is the One Who Doesn’t F*cking Talk to You

Internships: they’re a great way to gain valuable professional experience and get a foot in the door at some awesome companies. But, let’s be real – your boss sucks, Becky won’t shut the fuck up, and the copy room is your own personal demonic jungle hell. What keeps you going? Oh, i t’s that one quiet guy who sits at his computer and has literally never said a word to you. Here’s why:

He’s fearless:
This guy’s ridiculously rude, and couldn’t care less about what you think of it. He blatantly ignores all attempts you’ve made to learn his name and has never said hello in the morning. But, after a full day of listening to Becky’s half-formed thoughts on corgis and how it’s so funny that her and her boyfriend sometimes share razors, you want nothing more than to be snuggled up right next to this genius.

His inspired work ethic:
Something about watching him sit quietly behind a computer doing his work without interruption ignites a fire in you. It inspires you more than any higher-up executive at this shifty office ever could.

He doesn’t sweat with small talk:
Over time, the security of knowing that there’s one person in this godforsaken office who isn’t trying to make printer conversation is easily the best part of this whole set up. Seeing this guy is a breath of crisp mountain air after being forced to sit through Becky explain why her heating bill goes up in October for the seventh time. It gets fucking colder in October, Becky. All of our heating bills go up.

He’s independent:
The way he leaves for lunch–confident that no one will follow him to Chipotle–makes you pause and think, “man I should’ve done it his way” as you get up and notice Becky has surprisingly decided to take her break at the same time as you today. Ughhhh, Becky stop it. 

Everyone else sucks:
We all know this guy, and it’s okay that this guy will always be a source of relief. He’s easily the greatest person in this office. Don’t let the pressure of being polite get to you.

Becky sucks, you’d rather be asleep, and this guy’s the best. Internships, right?

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