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Overenthusiastic NYU Freshman Camps Out for Palladium Brunch

After hearing one too many raving RAs and reading about it on a “Ten Things Everyone Must Do Before Graduating From NYU” list, freshman Eric Liu from Berkeley, CA, camped out for Palladium brunch this past weekend.

Packing a sleeping bag, homework, and an extension cord for his phone charger, Liu set up camp on the Palladium stairwell at 9 p.m. on Saturday night, with hopes of being first in line for brunch the next morning.

“Everyone waits in the entry line to get into the cafeteria, and then they have to wait again in all the food lines,” Liu complained. “Since I’m the first in the entry line, I’m hoping to run in and get everything as fast as possible. Hot foods first. It’s a strategy.”

On a late night run to get Palladium pizza, junior Stephanie White mistook Liu for a hobo and called NYU Security. It took them the usual two hours to respond.  

“He was in a sleeping bag and yelling crazy things like ‘no cutting!’ and ‘14 more hours!’ I didn’t pay $70k for these conditions,” she said; then she retreated into the dorm she shared with seven other roommates.

“I feel like I’m starving. I didn’t bring any snacks because I wanted to save my appetite,” Liu commented at 3 a.m. while huddled in his sleeping bag. “Is it worth it? Should I go to my room? I need to switch my major now; I think I’m going to call my mom.”

Liu stayed strong, and the managed to be first in line for all the food. Reports say that with his heaping plate of crumbly muffins and lukewarm sausages, he proudly crossed Palladium brunch off of his NYU bucket list.

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