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7 Gallatin Concentrations That Are Somehow Actually Real

Home to famous alumni such as Dylan Sprouse (Game Design) and Dakota Fanning (Women’s Studies), Gallatin is a lovely little NYU school where students can design their own field of study. With great responsibility comes great power, and here are some examples of what students decided to do with it.

7.) Art of Interior Design:
When architecture studies becomes too difficult, cut your work in half and only focus on the insides of buildings! Learn about the best nooks and crannies to squeeze a couch into, what curtains best match chevron blankets, and how many rugs you can fit into a 500 square foot apartment that probably costs $3,000 a month. Who needs to learn about Corinthian orders anyways?

6.) Animal Psychology:
Ever wanted to know what your cat really meant when he woke you up by sitting on your face? Now that we know the mechanics of the human brain, it’s time to find out what makes little Furball a sociopath. But let’s be real, all cats are probably sociopaths. Field trips include, but are not limited to: visits to the Washington Square Dog Park and the Central Park Zoo.

5.) Food Appreciation and Ethics:
If you’re Elite on Yelp, have an Instagram dedicated to food, enjoy watching movies like Jiro Dreams of Sushi, or can’t cook for shit, this concentration is for you! Culinary school takes a lot of work and discipline, so let’s just appreciate food after it’s been prepared. You’ll be prepared to write for the “Michelin Guide” in no time.

4.) Study of Political Correctness:
Everyone knows the feeling . . . someone says something controversial and bordering on the edge of political correctness, but should you just let it slide? Study famous cases such as The Chainsmokers v. China and Trump v. Everyone Else, in this new concentration on P.C. culture.

3.) Broadway and Music Aesthetics:
“Hello! My name is Elder Price. And I would like to share with you the most amazing major.” If you don’t understand that reference, don’t choose this concentration. It’s not for you.

2.) Fashion Business and Economics:
You want to go into fashion, but your parents think this is a phase and you’ve been watching one too many episodes of Project Runway. Throw business and economics into the name to ease your parents’ minds; not only will you know the difference between carbon fiber and hemp, you’ll also know how many child laborers it took to make it!

1.) Finance; All the Stern Classes Except the Ones You Didn’t Want to Take:
You really like the Stern finance major, but there were five classes you didn’t like and thought they would bring down your GPA. Sad. Transfer to Gallatin, switch those classes out with something else that will make it “interdisciplinary,” and you’ve got a new major!

It’s hard to choose a major, especially when you can choose literally anything. We hope this list gives you an idea of what to study (or not to study), so embrace your inner Gallatin and come up with the most extra names.

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