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Here’s Why You Should Go to Beauty Bar on a Wednesday Night Instead of Writing that Essay

Sometimes, you just need to go out on a Wednesday. You deserve it. After all, it is the first night of the weekend and Beauty Bar is so close. Just go. You won’t get too drunk, and you’ll just write your essay when you get back home, right? You definitely will. You and your friends will go for like an hour, and then you’ll do your work.

It’s better to listen to music in a bar than alone in your apartment:
There’s no doubt that it’s better to listen to “Boys Don’t Cry” in Beauty Bar than it is to listen to it by yourself in the shower while you’re contemplating that sad, unwritten essay. They’ll also probably play “Heart of Glass” or “Melt With You,” maybe “Like a Virgin.” And sometimes people dance… we guess?

You can get a cosmo AND a manicure for $10, bitch:
The most important part? $10 for a cosmo and a mani. That’s a fucking steal. Some Carrie Bradshaw shit. A manicurist sets up her table and everything, you pick your color, and you literally get your nails done right then and there. The hard part is managing not to fuck it up, because this ain’t your first cosmo of the night. You can admire your nails while you get carpal tunnel writing your essay at 6 a.m.

Bad stand up and karaoke sound appealing:
Nobody would want these things during the actual weekend, but on a Wednesday, they almost seem kinda fun? And the stand up in the back room is suddenly entertaining? You’re down to listen to some privileged East Village white woman joke about her daughter’s obsession with Instagram (while you sip your cosmo, obviously). Lol, teens these days.

Copping a free drink is super easy:
So easy. Too easy, honestly. Guys literally offer them to you, because everybody here is just a little too eager. They’re mostly in their early thirties, and they come in packs. These dudes think they’re very artsy and hip for hanging out here, which honestly, is both cute and unsettling. Doesn’t matter, free drinks are free drinks. You’ve already forgotten about the essay. Maybe you’ll just drop out of school.

This place is super cute and retro:
It used to be a salon, that’s why it’s called Beauty Bar, duh.There are chrome-domed hair dryers that go over your head set up behind some of the seats. Perfect for cute, elegant selfies. Yeah, suddenly you’re elegant. Whether you’re a guy or a girl or neither, now you’re a lady. The lighting is nice and dim. The floors are black and white checkerboard. There’s a sparkly chandelier and a pretty, lit up sign that says “Beauty Bar.” Very cute. Very grammable.

Beauty Bar is best for a weeknight. And look at it this way. If you’re here on a Wednesday, you can spend your real weekend nights doing something way cooler.




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