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Is Lucy’s Cool or is it Actually Just a Bar for Creepy Men?

NYU kids who aren’t down with frat shit literally just want somewhere to go on a lame Friday night. It’s time for Lucy’s on Avenue A. Ya know, that tiny dive bar. But is this place actually worth the creepy guys who hang out there?

The dim red lighting is great for Instagram, so there’s that:
There’s also a game with a big orange fake gun– perfect for Tisch girls to pose with and feel like Lara Croft but without the whole female oversexualization thing. Another good photo opp is the bathroom stall that doesn’t lock. It’s covered in colorful graffiti that says stuff like “fuck women,” which is easy to ignore if you look at it from afar. So, might be worth it at least for the gram.

Queen Lucy herself is pretty cool:
The place hasn’t been gentrified like the rest of the East Village. It’s still run by Lucy herself, a little old Polish woman. Everybody’s either tight with her, or hates her. If this place is really the move for the night, there are other NYU students around with cheap beers (mostly Tisch kids). If you’re there long enough, Lucy will eventually make her rounds and demand ID. She asks each person at least three times.

There’s always sad, overgrown art boys:
If it’s crowded, there’s nowhere to sit and kids lean against the wall around the pool tables. Too bad it’s impossible to get a table and actually play pool. Who’s playing? 30 year-old white men wearing Urban Outfitters beanies and barking at each other. This game of sticks and balls means their masculinity. They tell people to move rather than ask, because “they need room to aim”. This is a real game, a man’s game.

These men also offer girls helpful fashion advice:
That is, if they seem interesting enough. Gaby, an NYU student, claims that one of them approached her once and “began making a case for why my friend standing next to me was the cooler one based on our clothes.”

Then, there’s the older men…:
These are the ones who are in their fifties or sixties, who wear long coats that make you wonder if they’re naked underneath. They hog space at the bar and stand on the sides with their drinks in complete silence, trying hard to achieve eye contact with pretty college girls. There’s one specific man who always has a hat and a cane and will probably try to give you a hug.

Is this place even worth it? The answer is yes. Absolutely. Because it’s good to get drunk without spending too much. And even if you’re not sure you’re having fun, you’ll say you did and that’s basically the same thing.

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