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Members of NYU Greek Life to Start Bidding War Over Only Pledge

As Rush Week at NYU comes to a close, Ben Natan, the sole person to rush Greek life this semester, has made a decision to pledge after an intense bidding war over his company.

Amanda Wilson, president and one of two members of Delta Delta Delta stated, “We’re really excited about this year’s pledge class, it’s the biggest it’s ever been since the environmental club started offering overnight trips!”

Amanda plans on doing whatever she can to make Delta Delta Delta as appealing as possible to the only pledge that is rushing all of Greek life.

“Sure, he’s a boy, but that doesn’t mean sorority life isn’t for him. I mean, he could have his own room in our penthouse. We plan to buy him football stuff, and like, maybe even a Lebron James Fathead.”

This time of year is especially important to fraternities and sororities of NYU, because it presents the opportunity that somebody might finally pay their $500 dues to be “life-long friends”.

Ben, the sole person to pledge has been getting offers from fraternities and sororities campus wide. He said, “I was just trying to rush frats, ya know real dude bonding. The frats offered me a new flatscreen TV, but the girls have boobs — so it’s a really tough choice.”

At the end of the bidding process, Ben decided to become the first male member of Delta Delta Delta. He said, “You may think it was about the constant stream of boobs, but it wasn’t. I’m more mature than that, and I realized what the girls were offering me was more important. A Lebron James cut out and a constant stream of boobs.”

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