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NYU To Host Hunger Games-Style Battle For 21 Savage Tickets

After Wednesday’s 4-minute sell out of 21 Savage x The Internet tickets for NYU’s Violet 100 spirit week, the University created a Hunger Games-style battle for the remaining tickets going on sale Friday. For sophomore Ryan Daniels, this means training non-stop for the next day and a half in hopes of being a victor.

“21 Savage is my life, so I need to win these tickets,” Daniels grunted between reps at Palladium gym. “If this is the only way to secure a ticket, then I’m gonna go all in. No mercy. If I have to break bones, I will.”

In an official email sent out to the student body, President Andy Hamilton wrote:

To NYU Staff and Students:

With the staggering amount of students vying for these 21 Savage x The Internet tickets, we have no choice but to hold a ticket battle on Thursday, February 9th at 6 p.m. in Washington Square Park. The tickets will be put in a large container in the middle of the fountain. All contestants will start outside the park gates until the signal is given. This is not a fight to the death. You will be penalized accordingly for any accidental or purposeful deaths.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Andy Hamilton

Yet, not all NYU students agree with the University’s plans.

“This is absolutely ridiculous,” NYU Junior Melanie Richards explains. “First, the pre-sale tickets sell out in 0.2 seconds, which makes me think there were no tickets to begin with, and now they want us to fight it out for the rest?! I think they just want to distract us from our crippling debt, or something shady like that.”

Students who aren’t ready to fight will do almost anything else to get a ticket. According to Class Activity Board treasurer Rachel Lee, this means selling all types of goods on the NYU black market.

“So far, I’ve seen kidneys, livers, test answers, papers and offers of sex being offered in exchange for tickets,” Lee told The Black Sheep, exclusively. “I wonder what else people will think of. Urine for drug tests? Exotic animals? The list goes on.”

For those unlucky enough not to get a pre-sale ticket, the line-up starts at 5 p.m. For those who want to watch the battle go down, there will be viewing parties in Kimmel and Bobsts. Dressing up in ridiculous outfits not required.

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