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NYU Classifies Lafayette Hall as New Study Away Site

In a move described by many as “somehow simultaneously idiotic, yet perfectly reasonable,” the NYU Office of Global Studies recently announced that Lafayette St. will be reclassified as the newest study away site. All the conditions which apply to other study away sites will also affect Lafayette. The Office of Global Studies says the new site is perfect for those “who want to see the world without actually seeing the world”.

Gramercy Green resident Samantha Dimwittie expressed her excitement and admiration for the new classification.

“I’ve always said that the main problem with the study abroad sites is that they all take forever to get to. Like, I’m sorry, Prague is how far away???” said Dimwittie when asked for comment. “Everybody in my ASL for Epileptics class is always yelling that it’s a stupid move, but most people I know get freaked out when the streets start getting larger than their age, going to Lafayette for a semester might be too much of a shift, even for me.”

The site has already gained considerable interest and numerous applications for the Spring 2018 semester have poured in. The enthusiasm leaves Global Admissions Officers like Steven Winharris ecstatic. 

“I’ve always said that gaining outside experiences are an essential part of growing up and becoming an adult,” commented Winharris. “I would always get so sad seeing kids spend their entire NYU careers just stuck in a 5-block radius. With this new expansion to the study away program, we’re already seeing a record-high number of applications. I think we doubled what we got for NYU Accra in just the last week alone! If this popularity continues growing, we may even look into an NYU Westchester.”

Interested in the new NYU Lafayette campus? Students can either visit the Global Studies website or ride the subway for eight minutes.

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