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NYU Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

With NYU being one of the most ~unique~ schools in the country, it’s no surprise our majors can be both entertaining, exhausting, and plain old weird. For those who still haven’t declared their majors (the clock is ticking my friends), The Black Sheep completed this list of honest major names to let you know what’s really going down at our wonderful university.

Media, Culture, and Communication – The Clusterfuck of Higher Education:
No one actually knows what MCC is, except that it sounds fancy and important on a diploma. MCC majors aren’t afraid to say MCC and then its full name, even if you know what MCC stands for. From learning how to communicate with the world to becoming “woke,” these “globally aware” peeps still end up lost in NYC, tbh.

Finance – Back-Stabbing Frenemies:
Stern Finance majors will do anything to get the best internships, best grades (that Stern curve though) and best everything. If that means stepping on supposed friends, doing kilos of coke, choking down Adderall, and becoming mini-Wolves of Wall Street, then so be it. Who needs quality relationships when you can get mountains of money?

Liberal Studies – CAS Rejects:
This ~special~ major is a two year program for students who forgot to uncheck it on their application. It pretty much meant if you got rejected from your NYU school of choice, NYU still values you, and no of course you aren’t less of a student.

Psychology – Love the Brain or Secretly Messed Up:
Psych majors either love the brain or are secretly very messed up, and just want to know exactly what’s wrong. Also, they were probably pre-med, but due to the sheer amount of work and stress, their problems got exacerbated, so they went with this classic 2nd choice.

Global Public Health – Pre-Med Kids Who Need a Major:
Pre-med (or Pre-health because NYU can’t be basic) is hard, and at NYU, it isn’t its own major. On top of Organic Chemistry, you need to complete an actual major! GPH is the major that pre-med kids can bullshit their way through before medical school completely destroys all their hopes and dreams.

Iberian Studies – This is a thing?!!:
Just leave it to NYU Humanities to have the most obscure major ever. What is meant by Iberian? What is studied? What is life?

Computer Science – Team No Sleep:
CS majors sleep at Bobst… if they sleep at all. Say goodbye to your CS friend, because he/she/they will be married to their computers and probably cranky all the time.

Mechanical Engineering – Team No Sleep Pt. 2:
Tandon Mechanical Engineering majors also don’t sleep, but they don’t sleep all the way out in Brooklyn. You probably would’ve never seen them anyways.

Gallatin School of Individualized Study – You Do You, Boo:
Finally, the most NYU major of them all isn’t technically a major, it’s a school. BUT, this school is all about making your own majors, so if you want to major in happiness, fairy tales and unicorn poop, there is probably something for you.

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