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NYU Student ‘Excited to See the Yankees Score Some Touchdowns’

With New York’s premier baseball in the playoffs for the first time in two years, the city is, once again, gripped by Yankees-mania. Games are as packed as ever, and with discounted tickets offered by NYU, many students are seizing the opportunity to see the team live.

“It’s a great time, actually!” said Stern freshman, Georgie Applebaum. “Getting to see the game up close and personal, almost being able to touch the cornerback and power forward, is almost too good to be true. I can’t wait to see the Yankee Stadium light up when the boys score a touchdown.” 

When asked about why he decided now was the time to finally see a game, Applebaum responded that it was less about the team’s playoff-push and more about a deep reverence for the game and the Yankees themselves. They are, after all, “New York’s one-and-only baseball team”.

“Who among us can say that they don’t hold a bit of love for the Yankees? At least where I’m from in the Midwest, there’s definitely a deep adoration for them,” Applebaum gushed. “God, I can still hear my dad joyfully yelling at the top of his lungs every time a Yankees-Colts game was on TV.”

The throngs of fresh faces recently showing up to games did not go unnoticed by the team’s loyal fans, and many were open with their comments about these latest development. Surprisingly, many were positive, especially those seated in the lower rows.

Wall Street executive, Melissa Bailiff, said, “It’s really encouraging to see so many young kids here. It was a little weird when one kid asked me where the 40-yard line was, and After I told him he might be looking for the Jets, he panicked and said he identified much more with the Sharks.”

In any case, today’s students are simply upholding the longstanding Yankees tradition of passion, loyalty, and, above all else, class.

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