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That One NYU Kid You Were Hooking Up With is in LA, Are They Worthy of Your Summer Too?

There are so many LA kids at NYU. It’s not a surprise that the NYU kid you’re casually hooking up with happens to be from LA, just like you. But that crossover is important to consider. How do you know if it’s a good idea to keep it going during the summer? (If at least 7/10 are true, that’s how you know it’s worth it).

10.) They live no more than thirty minutes away from you:
Nobody’s trying to drive more than thirty minutes in L.A. traffic. This person has to be worth the gas money, the time, and the struggle of finding decent parking spot once you show up at their place.

9.) There’s parking around their house:
Yup. Even if all the signs are so complicated that you gotta get out and read the fine print. Is this hook-up worth a $100 ticket?

8.) They’re cuter than the last person who super-liked you on Tinder:
Because why try any harder than that??? Summertime Tinder in L.A. is so dry, so hang onto what you’ve got and ride that wave for as long as you can…

7.) You can actually have a conversation with them:
You guys can talk and get coffee together or something. Good conversation in L.A. can be hard to come by. There’s a lot of dummies out here. And hooking up with an actual idiot gets old real quick.

6.) They don’t pressure you to choose the hook-up music if you’re feeling indecisive:
Because sometimes you’re not sure about the mood. It’s an important choice, and you either gotta queue up some stuff or commit to a playlist. Nobody wants to get going, and then realize they’re making out to “Hollaback Girl.” (Note- “This Must Be The Place” by Talking Heads is the perfect hook-up song).

5.) They have Netflix:
Or HBO. Or Hulu. Or Amazon. At least you’re gonna get to watch some quality TV and movies when you go over to hang out, without paying for your own subscription. And you guys can pretend like that’s why you came over.

4.) They offer to drive to you:
That’s hot. Proves that they’re also willing to put some work in. It takes two to tango.

3.) They’re funny:
You’re emotionally vulnerable and this provides a good distraction from your complex intimacy issues! You just wanna have fun! You can handle all your bullshit some other time!

2.) Their roommates are nice, if they have them:
If they live with shitty people, chances are that they are a shitty person. Also annoying if their roommate is always home or something. And the worst is if their roommate is going to walk in on you guys while you’re busy. Bad.

1.) They respect you:
They don’t ask you to shave or get weird about using contraception or something. Because what kind of backwards, negative shit is that? Very simple, but even that basic shit is hard. To. Come. By.

If most of these are true, it’s probably a good decision to keep it going.

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