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Is it Possible to Pull Trig in the Josie’s Bathroom?

Josie Woods Pub is filled with so many NYU students that we’ve heard it’s possible to get past the bouncer with your freshman NYU ID (not a joke). Plus, they have $5 dollar well drinks, endless TVs, and a few pool tables in the back. But we know what you’re thinking… “Can I pull trig here without getting chlamydia from the floor?” “Are there a variety of surfaces to do drugs off of?” “Can I hook up with my calc prof in the stalls without getting expelled?” Lucky for you, we’re basically like if Yelp and Yahoo Answers had a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome…

The Size: 6/10:
The bathroom is decently sized for a bar and the stalls are pretty spacious too, so there’s lots of room for activities (i.e. drugs, hooking up, laying your limp body on the cold tile floor just to feel something, etc.)

Cleanliness: 6/10:
Well there aren’t many bugs and the floor isn’t covered in pee so, for a New York City bar bathroom, that’s a pretty big plus.That being said, don’t be an idiot and go snorting lines off the toilet or something… We’re not liable if you get Merca or some shit.

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Smell: 5/10:
It literally just smells aggressively like Altoids and we don’t fucking know how or why??

Counter space: 3/10:
The only counter space is on the lone sink, so you’ll probably just have to do coke off your phone which is honestly just such an inconvenience. Especially with all of those cracks in it. What a waste.

Privacy: 3/10:
There’s no lock to the bathroom and the stalls are so fucking open that the “doors” are basically a formality. Plus, for guys, the urinals are directly across from each other which means your ass is essentially pressing against someone else’s while you piss. But, I mean, if you’re into that kinda stuff then by all means whip out the double ended dildo!

It might suck for literally every other resident of Lower Manhattan, but at least the bars stay open and the NYU kids stay drunk enough to ignore Andrew Hamilton’s forearm that endlessly fists our bank accounts. Yet, while these establishments may appease our natural tendency towards getting fucked up on a Tuesday “evening,” their bathrooms are not always up to NYU standards.

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