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A Comprehensive Ranking of NYU’s Best Dining Halls

New to NYU dining? Looking for the best place to grab a meal between classes? Want a picturesque place to enjoy a good meal? Check out our comprehensive list of the 13 best Manhattan NYU dining halls. It should help you choose your destination next time you want to chow down while using that exorbitant meal plan your parents got you!

13.) Third North Cafe:
Third North features great food options such as chocolate milk, froyo, pizza and corned beef hash. Overlooking the courtyard, Third North is a great place to grab food. Unfortunately, the food just isn’t good. There’s no wow factor; it’s just an average dining hall.

12.) Peet’s Coffee:
Located in the Kimmel building, Peet’s is a great place to grab some coffee. Starbucks is just across the street and far more accessible, but at least Peet’s accepts swipes. Not that anyone can explain how a stale muffin is worth a $10 meal swipe . . .

11.) Kosher:
Tucked away in the back of Upstein, the kosher market provides great tasting kosher options. While it might be hard to find at first, the food and atmosphere are worth discovering. A great and convenient place to find kosher options.

10.) Starbucks at Faye’s:
Gotta love Starbucks, especially when it’s right in the very heart of campus. Right across from Bobst and Stern, the Washington Square Starbucks is the most profitable in the world. While this is great for Starbucks, it also means there’s always quite a crowd to deal with. But classic Starbucks taste on your meal plan right near classes is pretty hard to beat.

9.) Sidestein:
Located in the Weinstein building in the center of campus, Sidestein is a great place to pick up a snack or a meal in between classes. A wide variety of drinks including coffee and milkshakes, as well as a ton of snacks makes Sidestein a great quick stop. The primary downside is there’s a long line during busy hours. But for the most part, the store is very easy to get in and out of quickly.

8.) Dunkin Donuts on 14th St.:
Another dining option that’s far from campus, Dunkin is reliable and a great morning stop. That is, if it’s on your way. Familiar drinks, donuts, and more all for meal swipes. But watch out for agonizingly long lines in the mornings!

7.) Burger Studio:
Hidden away underneath U-Hall, Burger Studio features Design-Your-Own burgers of all kinds. Despite being far from main campus and lacking a good dining area, Burger Studio is a great place to pick up a good burger. The main downside? It’s hard to find. Most barely realize it exists until after graduation.

6.) Lipton Dining Hall:
Lipton is a great place to go when you want healthy options that still taste great. Located on Washington Square, Lipton uses square plates. Even if none of the main options interest you, pasta and sandwiches are always available. The cookies are by far the best anywhere on campus and are a must-have. Don’t listen to the naysayers- they’re just no good hipsters denying the truth.

5.) Downstein:
Downstein is the most reliable of the all-you-can-eat options on campus. No matter what you like to eat, there’s always an option for you. Whether that’s international “passport” cuisine to gluten free options. The dining area is sleek and comfortable, but fills up quickly during busy hours. For some reason there never seems to be enough forks here.

4.) 18 Below:
The newest dining hall located right on campus makes you feel incredibly fancy while still being able to use meal swipes. The main downside is how inaccessible it is due to the fact that it’s only open for lunch hours during the week. Like, did they forget that most kids are at college for classes?

3.) Palladium Hall:
After traveling through the maze that is the entrance to Palladium, you encounter yet another confusing setup to enter and pay for food. A large dining area which always seems to be filled is another great reason to eat at Palladium. Despite the swarms, you can usually find a couple chairs for you and your friends. At least on Sundays, Palladium brunch complete with a real-life chocolate fountain makes the hike plenty worth it.

2.) Upstein:
When considering the best, Weinstein Food Court is often overlooked and taken for granted. But the simple truth is that it is the most reliable dining option. Everything is packaged to go, so let’s be real, you’ll bring it back to your room to watch Netflix while chowing on waffle fries.

1.) Marketplace at Kimmel:
By far the most picturesque dining hall, Kimmel Marketplace overlooks the NYU quad, Washington Square Park. Beyond the great location and stunning views, Kimmel also has great food. If Kimmel could do any one thing to improve itself, that would be to add weekend hours.

That wraps up our list of best dining halls at NYU Manhattan. Now, go eat!

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