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A Definitive Ranking of All 14 Floors of Bobst Library

The 14 floors of New York University’s Bobst (BOH-BST) Library vary from dark, dusty, and frankly scary study rooms, to pristine work areas with beautiful views of Washington Square Park. With a new school year underway, let’s go over the best and worst floors of a library that 85% of you probably won’t ever even enter.

14.) 12th Floor:
There’s literally nothing up here, making it inarguably the worst floor. Do not go here! It’s technically not even part of the Bobst floor plan, so it’s probably where NYU keeps it’s three headed dog guarding all it’s money. Although if that’s the case, maybe it’s the coolest?

13.) 11th Floor:
Nothing, probably… After all, there’s never been a reason to hike all the way up there. If you look down over the atrium, there’s a 110% chance you’ll experience some crazy vertigo from up there. The wacky cube optical illusion on the floor works a little too well.

12.) 2nd Floor:
Pretty blah. With no view, there’s no real reason to stick around on Level 2 with so many others to choose from. Half of it’s under renovation, and the other half is basically just staff offices. Although, it’s home to Digital Library Technology services… whatever that is.

11.) 3rd Floor:
Another pretty boring floor, with an average view looking out over fellow students smoking outside the Bobst entrance. Why are you even in the library if this is where you end up? Unless you have permission to venture into the Fales Collection, which, contrary to its name, is not where sad college kids go to fail. In fact, it’s NYU’s pretty bombass collection of everything from ancient tablets to relics of the 1980s punk rock movement. And the guy who runs it, Marvin Taylor, is a pretty cool dude to educate you on its contents.

10.) 4th Floor:
No view, and the dreary home of the Research Commons. Read: a shitload of students stressed out of their minds. Doesn’t that sound super fun? Although, when the studying’s getting too tough, those individual reading rooms behind the stacks make for a great place for some extracurriculars. And by extracurriculars, we mean sex.

9.) 6th Floor:
Aggressively irrelevant. With a ton of geography and history books, it’s the classic old person’s library, except full of confused students. Hint: they’re confused because they don’t know why on Earth they would ever be on the 6th floor. If you’re looking for some grad students among the throng at NYU, this is probably one of the places where they’re hiding. Either there or in their 2-bedroom apartment with five people crammed in because who can afford grad school in New York City?

8.) 7th Floor:
Also irrelevant, but with a much better view. It’s also inexplicably the hub for music books. There goes all our jokes on music kids not having homework, because clearly someone’s reading these dusty tomes. Actually, on account of that dust, maybe they’re not.

7.) 8th Floor:
A nice quiet place where you won’t be irritated with group projects or presentations, and you can study in relative peace. Over all, a pretty tolerable floor. Upside: an average college library space. Downside: an average college library space.

6.) 9th Floor:
This floor doesn’t have much to brag about, but the breathtaking view brings up its ratings. After all, we’re all at NYU for those Instagrammable city views! After living in Rubin Hall and looking out at that infamous “courtyard,” it’s necessary to take a break from the skeevy and embrace just why NYU costs so damn much. Worth it? Who knows, but during finals season it sure does seem like it.

5.) Lower Level 1:
With a nice VENDING MACHINE ROOM (yes, a room full of vending machines) and awesome study spaces, LL1 is a hidden heaven on the NYU campus. It’s literally one of the only places on campus to find a working vending machine, because with a whole room full of them at least one is bound to cheerfully deliver you packaged junk at any given time. LL1 is turning into a nice trap spot and might climb this chart in years to come. 

4.) Lower Level 2:
The reservable study spaces are a godsend; never take them for granted. After all, if the fourth floor is too crowded and your roommate’s a total bitch, where else are you supposed to get down and dirty with a couple of “close friends” (wink, wink). And aside from being useful for “group projects”, these rooms would honestly make better dorm rooms than some residence halls. We’re looking at you, Weinstein. 

3.) 1st Floor:
You could look up for hours and never be bored. The metal barriers are apparently supposed to evoke the zeroes and ones digital waterfalls . . . of course, we all go to NYU so we’re not sure anyone knows what that means. Helpful hint: the mini NYU museum is actually pretty cool, if you’re into that kinda thing. Most people aren’t, or at least don’t know it exists. Honestly, it’s probably both.

2.) 10th Floor:
If Bobst was a hotel, this would be the room with the view of Cinderella’s castle. It looks right down on Washington Square Park, with that nice sweeping gaze up 5th Avenue towards the Empire State Building. However, the reading room is usually pretty crowded because of that nice view. Luckily, it’s nearly always empty on weekend nights, so this floor can give you an amazing view of WSP’s crack dealers livin’ it up late-night.

1.) 5th Floor:
Home to 5South, the 5th floor has great study areas where you can chat and chow down on some Kimmel or Upstein picked-up nearby while conversing with some friends. A media viewing room with multiple TVs and computers, the Digital Studio for help with Photoshop and Premiere (@ Tischies), and a classic study hall looking over Washington Square Park are other huge perks. Can Bobst start throwing 5th floor ragers?

This building has more than enough floors, but honestly more than half of them are irrelevant. Besides, why would you want to go to the library when there are literally hundreds on Starbucks anywhere you’re looking?

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