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Which Rocky Horror Picture Show Character is YOUR NYU School?


Halloween is fast approaching, everyone. Some have been planning out their costumes for three months and others just plan to order a onesie off Amazon. Although Halloween is celebrated through iconic movies like Hocus Pocus and Ghostbusters, The Rocky Horror Picture Show cannot be forgotten. So, as a tribute to the late night/early morning double feature Rocky Horror Picture Show, we compared the different NYU schools to characters from RHPS.

Can you deny that Tisch is as over the top as our beloved Frank-N-Furter? Just like the sweet transvestite, the school is ‘the star’ of NYU, the main attraction. Despite all its flaws Tisch is still extremely passionate, and that’s what makes it endearing (just like the crazy scientist from Transylvania).

Riff Raff–Stern:
Although Frank-N-Furter can be vehemently disliked, you have to admit that Riff Raff is definitely more of a snake, and easily the worst character in the show. Also, the breakdown at the end when he finally came to power? Sure, Stern kids just wanna be loved but, like Riff Raff, they’re all just crawling amidst the masses.

Janet Weiss–CAS:
Janet Weiss is, probably, the most boring goddamn character in the whole show. There’s not an ounce of creativity in her, just meek little Janet with wide eyes. The only time she becomes remotely interesting is during her rendezvous with Rocky, but everything falls quite flat after that. CAS is the same way: you don’t despise it, but it’s not that interesting to begin with. Dammit, Janet. You better wise up, CAS.

Columbia really doesn’t get as much screen time as she deserves. She has a personality that the show left unexplored, and she’s way more than just Frank-N-Furter’s groupie. Sidelined and not given the respect she deserves, Columbia is just like Gallatin. Gallatin is so complex and intricate but is simply written off as a ‘make your own major’ school, just another one of NYU’s uber trendy concepts.

Okay, so Brad’s character is…confusing. He’s not the most interesting either, but he’s certainly dynamic, and you can’t really pinpoint what his attributes are. The same thing kind of goes for Steinhardt, right? So many personalities in one establishment.

Dr. Scott–SPS:
Honestly, we all know that Dr. Scott just kind of exists. We don’t know too much about him, but we do know that he joins in the crazy and eccentricity in the end. Seems like SPS is doing the same. We don’t know much about those kids, but we still accept them as a part of NYU.

Rocky–Liberal Studies:
Rocky is a fairly random creation, just like Liberal Studies. He’s also a newborn that will follow anyone who shows him some love and affection. Rocky is a malleable being who could literally turn into anything. Ol’ Rocky is literally LS, sans the perfect blonde hair and eight pack, of course. We never seen anyone in LS look like that, or wear gold spanx.

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