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‘It’s a Short Film, But it Has A lot to Say,’ Says Tisch Junior

The phrase, “It’s a short film, but has a lot to say,” has reportedly been heard a record breaking five-hundred times since the start of the semester. That’s about 11 times per day.

The summarizing phrase, frequently used by film students, is stated to convince viewers and peers of the students that their short films won’t be shitty. It’s also repeated to the actors in the films to assure them that this isn’t just a film school project. One Tisch junior was overheard using the phrase four times in one conversation with his lead actor during a meeting in the basement of Tisch.

“You were listening in on my conversation?” he initially remarked. “Anyway, it truly is a short film but the length isn’t what matters, because there’s so much to say.”

But after some more digging, The Black Sheep was able to get some more answers.

“My film is about a guy walking on the street. He sees a girl. Slow motion around his head as he’s fascinated by her. And then he gives her his number . . . but she never calls him back. Now, I have to convince people that this story tells a tale of life and loss, and that it’s totally not just a random story that I came up with on the spot because I forgot it was my day to shoot.”

“It’s a short film but has a lot to say” is still the go-to for most Tisch students, and can be expected to be heard at least five-hundred more times before the semester is out.

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