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Stern Freshman Still Wearing Jeans to Class for Some Reason

Stern freshman Tyler McKay, who’s successfully learned to navigate the city and order using Tapingo, is still showing up to all of his business classes wearing jeans.

Even after three months, McKay has found it difficult to make meaningful connections with his classmates and professors and is truly struggling to fit in.

A student in McKay’s microeconomics class attributed the freshman’s loneliness to his apparent disregard for the Stern dress code. “He still wears jeans and Vans to class as if this is a fucking skatepark. Listen, Levi’s are basically pajamas.”

McKay’s “Business & Its Politics” professor was able to speak with The Black Sheep‘s correspondents after having a T.A. drop off her dry cleaning.

“It’s not in the syllabus, but like, everyone should have an understanding that the dress code is business casual. Tyler likes to put more emphasis on the casual. Will it affect his grade? Well…yeah, it’s definitely going to. Context clues, man.”

When correspondents asked McKay if he would be buying a pair of slacks anytime soon, he seemed relatively confused about what was being asked of him.

“I’m from Dayton, Ohio, so the Stern building is the nicest structure I’ve ever been in and I don’t need to be dressed in Men’s Warehouse to see that,” he sighed. “Definitely not a big loafer person either. Sometimes I think I should’ve enrolled in Tisch, torn shirts and beanies really feel like Ohio. Anyway I’m gonna try to find a Golden Corral after class.”

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