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Stern Student Successfully Bargains with Halal Man for $4 Chicken Over Rice

New York, NY– An NYU Stern Junior reportedly struck a huge deal with the Halal Man stationed at the corner of 14th Street and 4th Avenue. This NYU Sternie didn’t pay the usual five dollars for a hearty plate of Chicken Over Rice, side of shredded iceberg lettuce and diced tomatoes, all smothered in white sauce. He successfully bargained with the Halal Man after realizing he only had four dollars on him.

The price negotiation between this NYU student and the Halal Man reportedly went on for about ten lengthy minutes. It was only after the student thoroughly explained to the food-cart chef/owner the financial loss he would be taking if he didn’t accept the four dollars that the Halal Man accepted the deal for a whole dollar less than market value.

“It was a tough fight, but I got it. I honestly didn’t think he was gonna budge. About five minutes in, I realized I had to become a bit more aggressive, and that’s where I think I really shined. I should do a presentation on this in class next week,” the NYU Sternie said proudly.

“He was very smart, very persistent, and very annoying,” the Halal Man told us. “He ordered the food before he realized he only had four dollars on him. By the time we were done negotiating, the food was cold. He paid four dollars for some cold Chicken Over Rice. I don’t know why he’s bragging,” he continued.

However, the Halal Man said specifically that he does not want this to be seen as some sort of precedent. “No publicity is bad publicity, I say. But I don’t want a bunch of NYU students running to my cart expecting four dollar Chicken Over Rice whenever they want. This isn’t like my brother’s cart crosstown over on 34th St! I’m not a coward!”

We checked back with him a few days after the negotiation to see if this unwanted precedent was in fact set. It was not. “No more business than usual. I’m surprised. Maybe I should lower the price to four dollars,” he told us while laughing nervously. “The kid who started this whole thing hasn’t even been back. And if he ever comes back, you can bet I’m charging him six dollars to make up for this.”

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