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The NYU Drunk Food Bracket: Final Round


So the day has finally come. The votes have been calculated, and the two champions of the drunk food bracket will finally face off head to head. Veselka overcame Dollar Pizza by twenty votes, while Joe’s Pizza trampled over The Halal Guys by a whopping sixty votes.



You know what happens next. We tell you that it all comes down to this. Well, guess what: IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS. We need YOU. Yeah, you. You make this possible; you belligerent, reckless, incoherent drunk college student that, in the midst of your drunken stupor up 3rd Avenue decides you need some grub.



You gonna go with Joe’s? The place Kevin Bacon claims he’d like to have his last meal at? (It’s on the wall of the one on 14th street – “A slice of Joe’s with a root beer” – while he’s having sex…that’s how he wants to die. What a douchebag.) The home of the “classic slice?” The place your tired ass took your parents when they came to visit you on a Sunday afternoon – little do they know that thow-up right next to the bench outside the door is your doing – when your drunk ass tried to put down a whole pie at 2 a.m.?


Or will it be Veselka? The place where you could very likely grab a sandwich at 4 a.m., and then be back for brunch at noon? The place you definitely hit with your boys after that party in Alphabet City, and it got mad awkward because the waiter sat your next to a table of girls – two of which you tried talking to at the party (to no avail).


Both joints make for great stories and supply you with some great food. You can’t go wrong, so make the right decision!



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