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Local Tisch Student Thinks He’s Funny, Isn’t

A local so-called/self-proclaimed “funny guy” is under fire lately for his apparent try-hard comedy antics and elementary-level humor. The student, who out of respect will be referred to as “Tischie,” has been known for attempts at comedy in and out of the classroom, but has apparently become a nuisance and almost intolerable to his peers.

Constant unfunny jokes, comebacks, and awkward inserts during everyday conversation are Tischie’s most common offenses, and he is also known to be outspoken during class as well– much to his classmates’ and professors’ loathing.

“It’s like he doesn’t understand that life isn’t a sitcom. And not even a good sitcom. He thinks life is like that new Kevin James show on CBS where he just complains about how hard it is to have a hot wife,” one classmate stated. According to some, Tischie’s comedy wasn’t always irritating. In fact, most people enjoyed his shitty one-liners in the beginning of the school year. “Yeah, at first I liked it. I thought he knew he wasn’t funny, and that was part of the bit. But then I realized he was just an idiot.”

“I think the funniest thing he ever said was a ‘that’s what she said’ joke. And it wasn’t even a good one. It was after our midterm, and someone said, ‘That was so hard.’”

Tischie has taken his shot at the big leagues, attending several open-mic nights at local comedy clubs. And like his classmate, the only laughs reported were from people who thought his lack of humor was part of the bit.

A few of Tischie’s peers told us that they recommend he transfers to another school within NYU; one in which comedy cannot be (attempted) in every project assigned. “Stern would be good. His bad jokes will just come off as dad-jokes if he ever tries them on potential colleagues. They wouldn’t notice a thing with all that business small talk nonsense they do.”

Unfortunately, Tischie isn’t alone in the world of terrible comics. His situation is more relevant than it seems. Studies show that 1 in 5 people think they’re funny but aren’t. At this point, Tischie’s peers will just have to learn to continue to laugh at him, not with him. 

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