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6 Things You Won’t Miss About OSU Over Winter Break


It’s almost that time of the year again! The time of year when the OSU overlord rewards us with our best gift of all: 3 flipping weeks off to nurse our hearts and heal our wounds before returning to battle. We know what you must be thinking: What?! No! How will I ever survive back in my tiny town for three whole weeks without all of the trash cans on High Street to puke in? And believe us, friends, we know. We know it must be hard to return to a place where someone will tell you not to get drunk at noon on Tuesday, but there’s plenty of pros to being at home! Better even yet, there’s plenty of things you won’t miss about being stuck here at OSU.


6.) Waiting in a Chipotle Line That Has More Customers than OSU has Students:
You’ve done it: looked across High Street and wished that perhaps you were seeing the line for Big Bar or the seedy concert venue, but alas been wrong and found that it was the Chipotle line the whole time. So when you go home and your mom doesn’t want to wait for 6 people and 1 online order, you’re on your knees praising Winter Break Jesus for a weight of less-than-biblical proportions.


5.) Those Pesky RAs Keeping Sophomores from their Pet-Parenthood:
Take your hedgehog out of the fish tank! The pets are back in town! (Or rather, you’re back in town, but don’t tell Fido and he won’t notice the mistake.) With a whole new wave of students obligatorily kept prisoner in the dorms, even more people will appreciate the fresh smell of dog breath to end their finals.


4.) Emails Reminding Us about Our Mental Health:
While it’s great and all that Counseling and Consultation services has an after-hours hotline, the constant reminders that we should be acting healthy and finding community is really just depressing. Who has time for this “health” during finals week? The emails are starting to be real downers, and we can’t wait to forget our Buckeyemail password and get some of that sleep people talk about.


3.) Climbing the South Oval Hill for an 8 a.m.:
Ohio is supposed to be flat, and while OSU is no Kent, there’s one stretch of path that you need to warm-up your muscles for. Straight up campus and straight up a hill from Hell, you have no rational reason to go around it. But in the next 3 weeks? Bye hill! You have to go up one flight of stairs at the most. Now that’s what we call exercise!


2.) Looking at the Remains of Mirror Lake:
While you climb up that hill, don’t look left; you’ll be crying for class. Finally to be home and away from the miserable dirt pile that was once our beloved lake! Oh the travesty!


1.) Kennedy Traditions Dining:
Imagine this: you want to eat dinner at 8pm, you’re hungry, and then suddenly you appear in a kitchen with mom’s home recipes and not only hamburgers as an option! Hallelujah Winter Break Jesus, what an offering. Don’t eat too much; you can only pretend it’s not the Freshman 15 because you’re a senior for so long.


Have a fun Winter Break; there’s nothing to miss here!




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