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7 Alternative Places to Study When Thompson Library is Full

Thompson Library is one of the most memorable places on campus, with 11 floors, a lucky statue and a café. It’s also one of the most popular places to study, as well, and if you go to Thompson anytime during finals week, you’ll have to give up your dignity and your unborn first child just to get a place to sit and procrastinate. Instead of wasting precious time fighting some stupid freshman for a chair, just look to these alternative study spots.

7.) Big Bar:
Since only freshmen and creepy old men go to Big Bar, it’s safe to say that this alternative study spot will be empty for studying. Pull up a chair and order your favorite beverage and get crunk while you cram for finals. Sure, it might not be the most productive studying, but it sure beats trying to fight for a table at Thompson and smelling like burnt bagels when you leave.

6.) The Oval tunnels:
The tunnels underneath the Oval might be an urban legend, though they would make an excellent study spot. Everyone is a little too scared to do some ~urban exploring~, so finding a spot should be easy. But don’t worry if you think you wouldn’t have any company! Rats and other creepy crawlers would provide a lot of encouragement for you to finish your assignments faster.

5.) Too’s construction site (R.I.P):
Too’s might be gone, but you can relive the glory days of the beginning of the year when you were heavily intoxicated and carefree. Honor the fallen monument by studying where she used to stand, inviting you to $2 beers every Toosday. In fact, studying at Too’s grave might even help you ace your Earth Sciences final, due to all its surrounding ground being torn up, unearthing glorious rock specimens and old Bud Light bottles. 

4.) A communal bathroom:
Your roommate claims she’s “studying” with her boyfriend. Where are you supposed to go? Don’t go to the SEL (that’s just depressing). Instead, study in your dorm’s communal bathroom! It’s nice and quiet, but there are great acoustics if you wanted to play some music for studying. You don’t even have to leave the room if you need to stress vomit.

3.) A frat house:
With no darties, block, or other tomfoolery happening at the frats, Greek row is pretty quiet nowadays. Take this rare opportunity and use it to study at a frat house! Of course, the brothers may be hesitant, since they’re not quite sure what this “studying” is. Just call it a “social event” and they’ll provide you with everything you need to succeed.

2.) The RPAC:
Are you failing Spanish and put on the freshman 15? An easy hack to fix all your problems is to study at the RPAC. Down four shots of espresso, turn the treadmill up to level 11, and hit the books! You’ll be getting swole and smart at the same time, defying any stereotypes that you can’t be intelligent and incredibly good looking.

1.) A COTA bus:
Is campus in general just putting you down in the dumps? Don’t go to Thompson and sadden yourself even more. Use that $8.50 included in your tuition and jump on a COTA bus for an exotic getaway. The COTA even includes WiFi now, so there are no excuses for not finishing your online homework. So what if you end up in the middle of nowhere? At least you finally studied.

If these suggestions don’t suit your needs, you could always try to fight it out at Thompson. However, finals will probably be over by the time you actually start studying for them.

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