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In Attempt To Get Back On OSU’s Good Side, Fraternity Institutes Reverse Hazing Policy Consisting Of Compliments, Hugs, and Baking

In light of last year’s mass fraternity ban, many fraternities across OSU’s campus are attempting to show off a different side of Greek Life centered around one core principle: kindness.

Led by the Kappa Tau fraternity, infamous as being one of the cruelest to their pledges, fraternities have instituted a brand new reverse-hazing ideology. This consists of being uncharacteristically nice to pledges, often giving out compliments, hugs, and the frequent pat on the back.

Kappa Tau has even started dishing out small commendations, similar to Boy Scouts.

“We just want everyone to feel appreciated for their accomplishments,” explained president Pernell Walters. “Whether that’s something as big as throwing the wildest swimsuit rager on campus, or just making your homie a mid-afternoon grilled cheese. We recognize everyone contributes to our chapter in their own little way.”

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