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2017 Champion Buckeye Donuts Knocked Out of Drunk Food Bracket

Brackets are busting across the boards, both in basketball on the big stage and in drunk food at OSU. As March Madnesses all over come to an end, we saw some upsets in OSU’s March Madness Drunk Food Bracket over the past week, leaving a No. 1 seed to face off against a No. 4 seed. Who will it be?

But first…round two! 

No. 1 Cane’s vs. No. 3 Buckeye Donuts:

Talk about an upset! The reigning champion of 2017’s Drunk Food Bracket, the donuts of the Greek Gods, were demolished by the magic powers held within Cane’s secret sauce. As High Street is flooded with all things new, places that once held a special place in the hearts of OSU students are now completely abandoned. This is a prime example of corporate greed at its finest.

No. 4 Adriatico’s vs. No. 7 Sicilia’s:

Adriatico’s, former runner-up, out-pizza’d Sicilia’s for the second year in a row in Round 2 last week. Sicilia’s almost skated past, but they couldn’t hold up against the giant pepperonis and puddles of grease Adriatico’s puts on the table (literally). Even with the impending relocation, Adriatico’s finds itself in the championship round once again.

And for what everyone’s been waiting for, the championship round…

No. 1 Cane’s vs. No. 4 Adriatico’s:
It’s the match up of a lifetime this week for the final round of OSU’s March Madness Drunk Food Bracket, and only one drunk food location can come out on top. Cane’s has the sauce, Adriatico’s has the grease and tensions will remain high. Students are going to have to make the toughest decision of their lives: chicken or pizza?

Have corporate food chains brainwashed the broke college students across Ohio State’s campus or does Adriatico’s have a chance to redeem itself where it fell last year? Tune in next week to find out!

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