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Cane’s DESTROYS Adriatico’s to Win 2018 Drunk Food Bracket

As March Madness has finally come to a close, so does our Drunk Food Madness. While great teams/restaurants fell from grace and thousands of dollars of bet money were lost, only one great drunk food place rose from the glory that is High Street and became a champion. And that champion? Cane’s. 

No. 1 Cane’s vs. No. 4 Adriatico’s:

Cane’s finally used its corporate greed to dominate small-town underdog Adriatico’s. In the end, Adriatico’s thicc crust was no match for Cane’s butter-soaked toast that actually ends up tasting more like a wet piece of bread because it’s so thoroughly soaked with butter.

But we digress: in the war of chicken versus pizza, fried chicken dunked in our favorite secret sauce, followed by a large-sized helping of crinkly fries, the pre-mentioned butter-soaked Texas toast, and a large sweet tea imported straight from the porch of an Alabama suburban housewife was too much for one solo slice of Adriatico’s pizza to handle. With such a stacked lineup—minus the side of coleslaw that you end up throwing away—Cane’s was bound to defeat Adriatico’s in such a triumphant fashion.

And it’s all over, folks. The people have spoken. The fat lady has sang, and she prefers the Caniac Combo. Can we blame her?



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