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5 Most Photogenic Construction Sites at OSU Great For Insta Selfies

Ohio State is famous for two things only: football, and then its never-ending construction. Since there’s so many construction sites at OSU, they’re been bound to show up in the background of countless, innocent selfies. But…which serves as the best backdrop? Which has the best lighting? Which construction site shows the most promise for your next serious photoshoot? We here at The Black Sheep sought to find the answers to all of these questions (that maybe nobody was asking but we thought you should know anyways).

5.) Pomerene Hall:

Isn’t a Pomerene a breed of annoying dogs? Not a building that’s been under construction for a year and a half? The lighting near this hard-hat site is super nice, and so are the construction workers who asked me if I wanted fries with my shake (how thoughtful of them to ask!). However, it’s right next to KComm’’s dumpsters, so there is a permanent stench of wet feet and old fish. Avoid, unless you have a sinus infection.

Rating: 2/5.
Caption for picture: I love Pomerene almost as much as my Pomeranian ? ❤

4.) Lane and High apartments:

This construction site is located right off of the busiest intersection, so avoid taking any pictures here unless you have absolutely no dignity to lose or so much dignity that you don’t even realize that what you’re doing is completely mortifying. But, if you decide to swallow your pride or risk whatever you have left of it, you will certainly get the most excellent selfie of your life. The weird, beige brick color of the half-finished building will undoubtedly make you look at least two shades darker than you really are (a blessing, since the sun hasn’t shown since October).

Rating: 1.5/5.
Caption for picture:
love living life in the fast LANE (avenue) ?

3.) Mirror Lake:

First of all, RIP Afroduck. Second of all, what the fresh f*ck has happened to Mirror Lake? It looks more like Mirror Mud Pit. Third of all, it makes for a great selfie background. Lighting? Perfect. Foot traffic? Minimal, so you can take all the pics you want without getting obnoxious glares from Rebecca and Karen. Downside: the wet foot and old fish scent from KComm mixes with the smell of stagnant water, making a truly horrific combination.

Rating: 3/5.
Caption for picture:
Ugh, take me back to Mirror Lake ??



2.) 15th and High apartments:

Even though this building is almost completely finished, High Street is still closed off all around it, making it arguably the biggest pain-in-the-ass Ohio State has seen since Baker Mayfield. If you don’t look down you can’t see the neon orange roadblocks, and it’ll be almost like the construction never existed in the first place! Plus, if you’re lucky, the street lights will actually be turned on, making the lighting around this site even better than it already is.

Rating: 3.5/5.
Caption for picture: #SaveToos  ? ?

1.) Derby Hall:

This construction site popped up overnight, causing maximum damage in precious Oval grass space in minimum time. Don’t these power equipment wielders know that dogs need to play here?! No matter, though, because this is the most photogenic construction site on campus. The brown mud and bright green excavator perfectly juxtapose to create a beautiful contrast in the background of your selfie. If you’re feeling extra bold, hop right on the heavy construction machinery. That pic will be your most-liked Insta, guaranteed.

Rating: 4.5/5.
Ride a forklift, save a cowboy ? ?

Of course, there is no perfect 5/5 construction site, because even at their best, all the construction is still pretty much ass. Take this into account the next time you’re ready for your next Insta post; all your followers will be getting breaking and entering charges just to try and outdo you.


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