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Are These Inanimate Objects on Campus Ready For Spring Break?

Spring break is just around the corner, and if attendance in class has told you anything it’s that students are damn ready for it. But a much more pressing issue is at hand here: Is the rest of campus getting ready for spring break? Do you even give a shit what anyone else thinks after wearing cargo shorts for the past two weeks after that one warm Tuesday? We would have interviewed students, but there are so little of them on campus this week that The Black Sheep did not feel like this was a question that needed answered. So, here are several images of various parts of campus in their preparation for OSU spring break so you don’t feel like you are alone in your excitement.

That trash can that everyone takes a Snapchat of at one point in their undergraduate career and captions “me” is damn ready for spring break. It has had way too many photos taken this semester as freshmen have gotten smarter and also a lot darker about life.

This twig ass tree is ready for spring break. Hell, no one even thought it would make it through the winter and it has a long spring season ahead of it on Oval Beach. Pray for this tree.

The emergency machine that no one uses is ready for spring break because maybe then it will find purpose/be used by any student ever just for kicks.

This cone has been overworked and overused these past four years as construction doesn’t ever stop. After doing so much work standing there in the cold, these cones deserve to be surfing on the ocean somewhere in Ft. Lauderdale. It just looks so natural, right?

Whatever the fuck this is standing outside the RPAC is also ready for spring break after a whaley horrible winter.

One of the many reasons you could get towed by CampusParc for simple parking at Ohio State is ready for spring break so it can stop getting blamed for you being towed. They got their swimsuit, sunscreen and sunnies on. Cute.

This sign has been watching for sprang break for a while now. If you skip the next couple classes, buddy, that wait is over.

Here is a comprehensive class full of people who were left after the halfway point in the class period on Tuesday. The last two left are also ready for spring break, but they actually give a shit about the professor’s feelings and don’t leave early.

The Tom W. Davis Clocktower is not ready for SB 2018. It wants to stay here forever.

Most of campus is ready for spring break as well, as you can tell. Except the Tom W. Davis Clocktower, but if you had that high of celebrity status, would you want to leave the university either?


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