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The Top 5 Insults and Chants to Shout at Penn State This Weekend

Everyone’s biting their nails in anticipation for OSU’s match up against the NOTtany Lions? SHITtany Lions? Oh, the Nittany Lions this weekend. Everybody knows that it’s not really about how the Buckeyes play, though, but about how loud the 12th man can factor into the game. In preparation for the game that will make or break OSU’s season, The Black Sheep is here to change up some of our favorite game day chants in order to completely shit on the Lions in the stands.

5.) “Who let the dogs out?”
Saquon BARKley may be up for the Heisman this season, but the student section can send him home with his tail between his legs. Whenever anybody sees Penn State’s #26 on the field, the stands should just erupt into obnoxious imitations of barking dogs. Pathetic yips and whimpers are also fitting, and therefore encouraged. Saquon Barkley, more like Saquon BABY.

4.) “Trace McSoreLoser!”
“We were lookin’ kinda dumb with our fingers/and our thumbs in the shape of an L on our foreheads.” Get it? This idea replaces the normal fourth down chant where our fingers are in the air and we’re just shouting, “OOOOOOOHHHHH.” Instead, everyone holds up the loser sign on their foreheads, stick out our tongues and make that weird noise that Spongebob made between words at Glove World the moment Trace McSorley steps onto our turf.

3.) “You lost to Michigan!”
Penn State may have gotten the best of the Buckeyes last year, but Michigan still beat them, and Michigan sucks, and OSU beat Michigan. If you do the math, it makes perfect sense. Whenever anyone hears somebody yell “Fuck Michigan” (which happens pretty often), the student section should reply with, “Michigan still sucks and you do too.” Classic.

2.) “Pitt!”
The only good(ish) thing about Pennsylvania is the city of Pittsburgh, and that’s ANOTHER team the Lions lost to last year, which happens to be their biggest rival. This chant would go along the lines of, “The only notable thing about Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh and that’s who you lost to last year so fuck you,” along with incessant clapping and stomping. That’s a little long and everyone will be drunk, so it would probably be best to cut it off at a classic, “Fuck you.”

1.) “Rip his fucking head off and take his shoes!”
This is a classic cheer and should be chanted towards Penn State’s running back Von Walker. Walker won’t be walking anywhere once his shoes are taken and his fucking head is ripped off. He’ll be escorted off the field by some trainers like the little wimp he is.

With these five insults, there is a definite, 100 percent chance that the Penn State football team will hear your mean chants and get sad, so use the power of your words. And, whatever happens this weekend, Michigan still sucks.

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