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JT Barrett’s Reverse Baby Book: 5 Times You Cried At One of His “Lasts”

Friday night’s Cotton Bowl was the end of a generation: our baby, JT Barrett, played his last game as an Ohio State Buckeye, and boy did he grow up fast. Like the mother birds we are, all Ohio State students want is our baby bird JT to be able to fly out there in the Real World™ with no football, but we’re also fucking losing it over here knowing we won’t have him here next year. If you could have put together a reverse baby book for JT displaying all of his lasts instead of firsts, the Cotton Bowl would have been the perfect collection of memories. As you prepped and imagined life being a Buckeye next year as an empty nester with no JT, here’s five times you tended to get a little weepy seeing his “lasts” during the Cotton Bowl:

5.) His last time playing in the same stadium that the Bucks won the National Championship in:
This was a bittersweet moment. Unfortunately, our JT wasn’t able to play in the National Championship at AT&T Stadium three years ago since he was injured. But had he been able to, we know the Bucks still would have won and more because our JT is…well, JT. He’s the best. It was only right that our JT was able to reprise the role that he should have had three years ago for his last game, in the exact same stadium. That’s called the circle of life.

4.) His last time showing what a real man he was by NOT partaking in the fight:
While the uncivilized USC players not only instigated a fight, but also got one of their players ejected because of said fight, our JT was safely on the sidelines, NOT partaking in such horseplay like we his parents raised him. Thank god our JT was not harmed, because we couldn’t have possibly dealt with another incident like the Big Ten Championship with him getting hurt. After 22 years of living and four years playing as a Buckeye, you were able to see his final time standing up, being a real man and not supporting violent sportsmanship. What a guy.

3.) His last time getting an award:
You remember like it was yesterday our JT getting his first out of countless Conference Freshman of the Week awards. His last game at the Cotton Bowl, he passed Drew Brees’ Big Ten career record for total offense with 12,697 yards. From the very beginning we knew our JT would be a winner, and this award will be treated no different: assuming he gets a plaque for it (he better), it will be mounted on the wall in his bedroom, next to all of his other trophies, medals and ribbons from his childhood up until now. We’ll never throw them out!

2.) His last touchdown:
This one was a tough one to swallow. Seeing our JT do what our JT does best, running all those yards, getting the touchdown…we couldn’t be more proud. Thinking of JT’s first ever touchdown, he was probably in peewee football or middle school or something and that’s kinda weird that you’re even thinking that far back right now but it’s okay because you’re going down memory lane to be therapeutic so it’s fine. But his last touchdown will forever hold a special place in our hearts, and we’re glad we got to witness it.

1.) His last time singing and swaying to Carmen Ohio after a Buckeye win:
If you weren’t bawling your eyes out by this point, then your love of the Buckeyes is questionable. Our JT’s last time singing the alma mater with his best friends and teammates made our hearts weep. While you may have been wine drunk at home, your spirit was with him in Texas Friday night.

JT has been a true champion these last four years for Ohio State football and we’ll miss the fuck out of him. We love you JT.

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