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Shocking! Lion Man Interview Reveals Silk Pillowcase Keeps Mane Golden

Ohio State is hairy AF. 60,000 heads of hair are a little overwhelming, but The Black Sheep got an exclusive interview with a guy who is known around campus for his luscious locks. Some call him “Afro Man” and others “Lion Man,” but we just know him as Lee Raver (and Lion Man). He’s a second-year, single (!), a psych major, and has arguably the best hair on campus. Here’s the Lion Man interview, shampooed, but not conditioned: 

TBS: How long have you been growing your hair out?
LM: It’s been growing out for a pretty long time. When I was in third grade, I had a buzz cut but then I started growing it out more and more, but then I would get it cut. Then I’d grow it out more and get it cut, then I’d grow it out a little more until eventually it just got like this and I just keep it trimmed like this.

How old were you when it got to the length it’s at now?
Freshman or sophomore year of high school. By then it was already happening and my parents just stopped caring around sixth, seventh or eighth grade. 

What is your daily hair care routine?
The shampoo I use, the brand is called Shea Moisture and I wash it like twice a week and it takes 45 minutes to wash it. It’s super ridiculous. I have to use a silk pillowcase because if I don’t, it’ll mat my hair up pretty bad. I can’t sleep on the side of my head or it’ll flatten down one side of my head and not the other. I can’t even put it in a ponytail by myself, I have to have someone else do it for me.

Are you a crunchy or creamy peanut butter person?
Crunchy, definitely.

What is the weirdest reaction someone’s ever had to your hair?
So one time I was walking through the Seibert lawn. This super drunk guy was walking back from the game and he says, “Nice hair, dude. You can’t teach that shit.”

What’s your favorite campus bar?
Plaza or Midway.

If you only had one last trip to an OSU campus bar, which one would it be?
Midway because it’s got a first floor and the second floor.

Do you air dry or blow dry your hair?
Air dry. It takes like an hour for it to dry mostly, but for it to dry all the way through it takes like 3 hours-ish.

How often, if ever, is it straightened?
It usually happens like two times a year. In high school, I went to a salon and they did it and it was like $100. It was a whole ordeal every time I straightened it. Last year my friend wanted to do it and I went over to her place and she had this little tiny-ass, travel-size hair straightener. She thought it was going to work and it didn’t so we had to use her roommate’s straightener. We were watching Sausage Party and it took the entire movie. She finished it when the movie ended.

What’s your preferred dining hall?
KComm, but I got Scott [in the Black Sheep quiz].

Is your hair a chick magnet?
Yes, very much.

The Black Sheep tried, but we decided we couldn’t put it better than the drunken OSU fan. So, nice hair, Lee Raver—you really can’t teach that shit.


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