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Where To Live On OSU Campus When You Don’t Have A Lease


Oh no, it’s November. Everybody and their brother is locked into a lease, but somehow you don’t even have a roommate. The houses are closing up and pretty soon you’re going to be looking at another year locked on campus, and there’s no fate worse than that. Since basically ending up on-campus is an over-priced, hellish last choice whose dining plan options will ensure you gain your freshman 15 once more, we at The Black Sheep have exhausted all other options to where you might find yourself living should the leases leave you behind.


5.) The Tiny Cheap Rejects (No, We Are Not Describing You):
You heard it right. Even though your status as an upperclassmen can land you any spot you want on the second floor of a building, it’s still worth it to climb an extra flight of stairs to a room the size of your dorm room and then descend to cook in a kitchen where only two people can stand at once. You all know that layout we’re talking about, and don’t hate on it. You may live there.


4.) Give Up and Commute:
Ohio isn’t that big, and since like 99% of the students here live in that state, the chances that your podunk hometown is within the ridiculous commuter radius are probably pretty high. You could even hit up a regional campus. It could be fun to go home and not fend for yourself for a while. But don’t go home if you’re from Cleveland; blowing a 3-1 lead in the World Series means we live in Columbus now.


3.) High Street:
The bums do it and they seem fine. You can fight them off with your superior strengths of youth and get the best spot on the bus stop bench! Your tears will keep you cool in the summer, and the body hair you grow from not having a sink to shave in will keep you warm in the winter. Hell, this situation is an all-around win: you’ll sleep under the stars, have a street to call home, and still be able to beg when you’re not in class!


2.) Your Friends’ Place:
You probably have a lot of friends; that’s why you’re fucked now in housing and don’t have a lease. Friends are good people, they’re good to keep around. And, even better, they like to keep you around. Perhaps even for a few nights… And you have so many of them…. Sounds like enough beds to fill up a semester to us.


1.) The Shoe:
With it being November and all, the massive jewel of campus is almost basically obsolete. Soon it will simply rest there, like a sleeping behemoth of warmth and shelter to your helpless self. It sure beats bumming and friends. Hell, there’s so much space there that you can start a brothel and make money there too! The Shoe is basically the ultimate anti-lease to answer all of your troubles.


See, there’s plenty of options to live, even as leasing season comes to a close. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t end up back in the dorms. Best of luck, friend, in securing the covered bench on High.




If binge drinking is a major problem, then why does cheap beer come in packs of 30?:

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