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5 Ways You Helped Ohio State Win the Big Ten Championship

After an interesting football season, Ohio State made it to the Big Ten Championship game Saturday and got the W. Sure, they practice all the time, essentially live at the Woody, and focus on nothing other than football, but they definitely didn’t accomplish winning the conference title alone. Here are just a few ways Buckeye Nation helped guide Ohio State football to win the Big Ten Championship:

5.) You went to block every weekend:
Rain or shine, hot or cold, you held true to your values and made it to block every weekend. No matter if block started at 8 a.m. or 4 p.m., you were always there, partying hard, chugging Natty’s, and making sure you were drunk enough to enjoy yourself but still functional enough to not get kicked out of the Shoe by security. Your dedication to partying hard before every game and creating a drunken, fun atmosphere in the stadium was a huge part of Ohio State’s success in the conference championship game.

4.) You rubbed Thompson’s head in the library:
Screw caressing the bronze bust of Thompson in hopes of good grades. We know that everyone who participated in that slightly strange tradition was really more concerned about bringing good luck to the football team. Tommy must have listened to all of the desperate cries from students about the Bucks deserving to win a ring this year and used his magical bust powers to help the Buckeyes get a win against Wisconsin.

3.) You wore poisonous nuts around your neck:
Every week, you woke up early to put on your trendiest game day apparel, but your outfit was never complete without a string of poisonous Buckeye nuts around your neck. You sacrificed fashion in order to sport traditional Buckeye gear and show your pride for your team. Your vow to always support your team no matter how ugly and lame its mascot has surely helped amp up the team and lead them to a conference championship.

2.) You crossed out every “M” on campus during Michigan week:
Crossing out every “M” on Ohio State’s campus with bright red tape further reinforced the disgust and hate we have towards Michigan and all that it stands for. Your hatred for TTUN helped propel Ohio State to a victory in Ann Arbor, improve their overall record and confirm the fact that the Buckeyes deserved to compete in the Big Ten Championship.

1.) You perfected your gameday ritual:
Whether it was wearing the same t-shirt every Saturday without ever washing it, or drinking coffee out of a mug with Urban Meyer’s face on it every single morning, you had your own special ritual that you knew surely impacted the way the Buckeyes played. Your irrational voodoo ritual played a key part in the success of Ohio State at the game Saturday.

So we’re all a little butt-hurt that we didn’t make it into the top four with a chance to play for the National Championship again, but hey, we still won the Big Ten Conference. Always remember that you played a key role in that win.

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