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Scott Traditions DJ Booked For OSU Frat’s Block This Weekend

Scott Traditions is famous for many things: greasy grilled cheese, bottomless queso, that cute guy who works at the omelet station—the list goes on. But music is not something that comes to mind when thinking of the dining hall until recently, until one OSU frat member decided to capitalize on the throwback playlist. 

Steven Sutton, self-proclaimed “frat star” of Eta Omega Epsilon, was the one who finally decided to capitalize on the musical genius hiding within the walls of Scott Traditions.

“I go to Scott all the time to smash some waffle fries, especially when I’m baked, which is usually,” Sutton said. “One day when I was eating there, I kept zoning out, because I ate two edibles before going, and I listened to the music playing and thought, ‘Woah, this is flames, whoever picks the music here totally has to be at our next block.’”

According to Sutton, he went through every food station’s line and asked the employees a “shit ton” of questions until he was almost forcibly removed from the establishment, all before he could find out who was making the playlist used at the dining hall. He was finally informed that Al Hart, the 58-year-old manager of Scott, is in charge of the music that blares throughout the dining hall.

“I didn’t even know people could hear my music, most of the kids have headphones in when they eat here,” Hart said. “Unless they aren’t listening to anything and just don’t want to be bothered. You all are a weird generation. But, Steve told me he was a big fan of the ‘bangers’ I play, and I think that’s a good thing.”

The bangers are a good thing, indeed. Songs that Hart said he frequently chooses to play are “London Bridge” by Fergie, “In Da Club” by 50 Cent, and several songs by Beyoncé and Britney Spears. Songs that Sutton say remind him of middle school, but in a “non-weird and totally cool” way.

“When I found out it was my dude Al in charge of music, I looked him up on Twitter, and he didn’t have one, and then I looked him up on Facebook, and he didn’t have one, then I actually had to call someone on the phone to talk to him,” Sutton said. “I talked to the dude in charge of scheduling block for this Saturday and brought him with me to listen to Al’s killer music at Scott before we could officially ask him to come hang.”

After officially deciding to book Hart, the block committee of HΩΣ had a sit down meeting with Hart and told him what to expect at block, how to act, and even gave outfit suggestions so he could look “as dope as possible.” One brother even suggested Hart go on a crash diet of protein powder, chicken breast, and raw eggs so Hart could look “ripped” for Saturday.

“After talking to the boys, I’m not quite sure what I’m doing,” Hart said. “I thought this was just going to be a barbecue, and I don’t really know what a bucket hat is or why I have to wear one on Saturday.”

Sutton hopes that Hart comes “ready to rage” Saturday.

Hart added that he hopes his wife doesn’t find out about his weekend plans.

“I’ve seen what these young women wear on gameday,” Hart said. “Nancy will not be pleased to know I’m surrounded by that kind of vulgarity.”

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