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6 Shittiest Lecture Halls on Ohio State’s Campus, Ranked By Odor

Ohio State is known for keeping campus up to date and clean. However, since the university is so old, a lot of buildings are worse than others. Lecture halls can be the worst of all, with tiny desks, squeaky chairs and 700 sweaty bodies frantically (not) taking notes. After countless hours of research (and torture), we gathered a list of the worst of the worst lecture halls here at Ohio State.

6.) Stillman Hall 100:

Stillman Hall was recently renovated, so things aren’t as shitty as they could be. However, the thing about Stillman is that every seat in the lecture hall is a bad seat. No matter where you sit, it’s impossible to completely see the board. By the time class finishes, you’ll have to be in a neck brace from the stretching you have to do in order to write down the one word you can’t see. The architects of this room were either drunk, high or both, not unlike the students who have to sit through the lectures here.

5.) Kottman Hall 103:
If you don’t know where this building is, consider yourself lucky. You’ll take a bus forseven years, and then you’ll end up on ag campus where this sad excuse for a building is. The lecture hall itself is actually pretty nice, but getting there is a bitch. Why does ag campus need a lecture hall anyway? It’s not like anyone majors in agriculture anymore.

4.) Jennings Hall 001:

Jennings Hall is impossible to navigate, but if you just follow the signs (and the smell of mold), you’ll find Jennings 001. The smell of mold comes from the waste of the biology labs next door, who probably tries to hide the waste in the air duct system. There’s no wi-fi or cell service, so you have to pay attention in lecture. Worst of all, you’ll probably have biology lecture here, which means fighting some freshman pre-med for a seat every day.

3.) Hitchcock Hall 131:

Hitchcock Hall is home to the College of Engineering, AKA the College of Suffering. Hitchcock itself smells like body odor, glasses and tears, and this lecture hall is no exception. Hitchcock 131 is just too damn big, and it’s impossible to hear or see anything in the room. The chairs squeak to oblivion, which just adds to the aesthetic.

2.) Independence Hall 100:

Independence 100 smells like trash, which is exactly what this lecture hall is like. If you’re one of the one billion people in a class here, good luck. Since there’s so many people in this lecture, it’s impossible to hear any professor talk, and it’s impossible to answer any TopHat questions since you’re a mile away from the screen. The final shitty cherry on top is that the desks are pieces of driftwood from the Olentangy River. You might as well not take notes, since you’ll have to write in your lap anyway.

1.) McPherson Lab 1000:

McPherson 1000 is literally the definition of hell. This dark, damp, and misery-filled room reeks of panic, piss and dead pre-med dreams. Every chemistry class, from General Chemistry to Organic is held in this damn room. Even though it has 6 chalkboards, it’s not enough to keep any professor satisfied, which means that they’ll shift the chalkboards too quickly for you to finish your notes. Avoid this classroom at all costs.

If you have classes in any of these lecture halls, you should probably just drop the class right now. The lecture hall will have a significant impact on your grade, causing you immediate failure. Good luck.

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