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6 Reasons To Be Thankful You Don’t Go To Ohio State


We’ve all been there. We leave Athens and are thrown into a whirlwind of questioning. The seasonal holiday gatherings with family, summer vacations and our grandparents’ birthday parties. We are subjected to relentless curiosity about our majors or what we plan to do with our degrees post-graduation from Ohio University. Honestly, we don’t know, Aunt Beth! Get off our backs for once! The most annoying part in being a Bobcat during the holidays is when your family thinks you go to the college an hour north. The college with the Buckeyes. The college with the football team (surprise, we have one too). To the “THE” college. We’re here to give you a couple good reasons that we’re happy we go to THE Ohio University (yep, we’ve got a “THE” too).


6.) We Actually Both Have a “The” in Our Titles:
And no, we’re not kidding. Recently, photos have surfaced on Twitter showing people holding their degrees, brandishing a big, shiny “The” in front of “Ohio University.” The best part about the “The?” We aren’t complete dicks about it. Oh, and tOSU is the lamest excuse for an acronym. We’re defintely not about to call ourselves tOU. No thanks.


5.) Our Mascot Kicks Their Mascot’s Ass – Literally:
Rufus is the coolest mascot on the planet. He’s tackled Brutus to the ground before, which is pretty badass. He’s a Bobcat, which is awesome compared to some inanimate buckeye with giant googly eyes and red stripes on all the time. His name is Rufus, and that big, brown nut is named Brutus. The names sound a bit similar, right? Well that takes us to our next point…


4.) We Were First, Dammit:
1804. It’s printed everywhere on campus. We opened the year after Ohio became a state. We are Ohio’s oldest college, with the oldest traditions and our beloved, shitty, old buildings. And guess what? Ohio State opened 69 years later. We set the trend!


3.) Their Campus is Huge:
That place is enormous. They have to take actual buses to and from class, nothing is really walkable and they have to pay for Ubers to pick them up from the bars. We are downright blessed to have the option to walk to class no more than 12 minutes from most places (some people say 10 but we’re slow as hell so ya know) and to have a full length street of back to back to back bars. It’s the bomb.


2.) Everyone You Know Goes There:
I thought we were trying to get out of high school post-graduation. You can practically hear your high school alma mater while attending any party. Plus, your high school reputation can’t reset when you see everyone you know everywhere you go, and we know you probably need a do-over.


1.) Our Band:
We are proud as hell of the Marching 110, considering they are the reason our football stadium empties after halftime. We’ve been nationally ranked ahead of their band over and over, and honestly, what’s more important? The band, or the football team they play for?


Clearly, lists are the only way to judge the coolness of a school. So take this one and run with it.




If binge drinking is a major problem, then why does cheap beer come in packs of 30?:

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