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8 Brutally-Honest Course Evaluations at Ohio University

With finals coming up, professors are in full-out badgering mode asking you to fill out their course evals so they get on track for tenure. The thing is, will you actually be honest in your course evaluations at Ohio University? Probably not, so we went ahead and did that for you. 

Did the instructor’s way of teaching challenge you? Did s/he make you think about the subject matter in new ways? Did s/he encourage discussion and participation?

Intermediate German I (GER 2110):
I couldn’t understand anything my GER professor was saying all semester. It’s like she was speaking a different language the entire time. I tried and tried to think about germs in new and different ways, but every time I tried to give a presentation, she acted like that wasn’t even the assignment.

Introduction to Multiplatform Reporting (JOUR 2311):
I can safely say I’ve never been more emotionally challenged in my life. Every day, immediately following this class, everyone in my lab section huddled together and cried bitter tears, mourning the complete loss of our self-esteem. That was a great bonding experience for us! If I had to pick a single factor that really sparked discussion in my now-biweekly therapy sessions, it would have to be my professor for this class.

Do you have any suggestions for improving this course?

Africana Media Studies (AAS 1500):
There should be more of an emphasis on “Africa” by Toto. If I could listen to that in class, there’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do to keep me from recommending this class to my friends.

Survey of Astronomy (ASTR 1000):
This class would be much better if it placed more emphasis on where the moon is. I went twice a week, every week, and still have no idea where it could possibly be. Is it up? Is it down? What does it look like? I now have all this useless knowledge about the life cycle of a star but still have no context of the moon’s location. This upsets me.

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Were course requirements & expectations clearly explained? Did the assignments help you in better understanding the issues? Was the evaluation criteria for your coursework clear?

Wilderness Living Skills (REC 1000):
I enjoyed the survival retreat I went on for this class, but I wish I would’ve known that it was only supposed to last two days. I spend the entire semester in the woods and now am being told that I have to retake the class because I “missed 13 weeks of class” and was “assumed dead.” This should be made more clear in the syllabus (although it does make for a great last-resort snack).

Techniques of Group Discussion (COMS 2050):
The professor didn’t have a very strict attendance policy, so I only showed up to class four times all semester. I ended up getting a C-, which is totally unfair because instead of going to class, I was out actually having group discussions. Totally unreasonable.

Overall impression and other comments:

General Psychology (PSY 1010):
I’m sure this is a great class, but my professor didn’t show up to class once. After a few weeks of sitting in silence and waiting for something to happen, my classmates and I just started using the flashlights on our phones to try to look into each other’s ears and see our brains. Overall, a great class.

Foundations of Accounting (ACCT 1010):
This class was not at all what I expected. For a counting class, I thought it started out way too advanced. Counting has always been difficult for me, so I thought it would really help to take a class focused exclusively on it, but unfortunately, I still can’t get past 12.


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