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8 OU Valentines You Should Send Because You’re Single

Valentine’s Day is here, and it’s time to delete that four-page word document you wrote to your ex. There are so many people in Athens that matter more than he/she does, and here are the eight Valentines you need to send out instead.

To our beloved friends at Mike’s Dog Shack:

To DJ Barticus, the King of Casa:

To the horse cops who valiantly patrol our streets:

To Pumpkin the Cat, sitting in the window, looking all cute:


To the professor that maybe might’ve hit on you that one time:

To the RA whose life you ruined:

To the family that owns Souvlaki’s:

To your sweet mother who you take advantage of:

This Valentine’s Day forget finding a significant other and show the ones who really matter how much you love them.



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