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Drunk OU Students Share Their Best Fest Season Advice

Although we enjoyed seeing the crazy outfits and petting the horse cops, we thought we needed to take something more meaningful away from fest season. We asked (drunk) OU students for advice on how to have the most kickass time of their lives during the spring fests. Take notes!

7.) “Stay warm” – Kenzie, junior:
True, especially when we were planning on wearing an OU flag and nothing else to our first fest of the year. Turns out Ohio weather had other plans.

6.) “Keep your fanny-pack close and your beer closer” – Madison, senior:
Because what else are you wearing to hold your valuables… and to carry your beer?

5.) “Work hard, play hard” – Jacob, junior:
Apt advice for fest, and for life.



4.) “Don’t go out on the roofs….you’ll get arrested.” – Unknown:
Spoken by a girl whose name we never found out… after someone’s mom yelled at us for being on the roof. Probably would have been good to know before that mistake.

3.) “Always try new things… I didn’t know I liked metal music until now… or maybe I don’t like it…” – Martin, junior:
Same, Martin. We’re trying to figure out whether or not we like it too. 

2.) “Try to know a little bit about the guy whose name is on your jersey, in case someone asks” – Hannah, freshman:
Probably a good idea.

1.) “The best advice I can give right now is never to give advice this drunk” – Ty, senior:
He could be right, but let’s be honest. Drunk advice is some of the best advice you may ever receive.


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