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OHIO Hockey’s Jake Faiella’s Twitter Reveals He’s Actually an Elderly Man

Senior hockey player Jake Faiella is best known for playing defense for the Bobcats. But off the ice, his Twitter account reveals the universal truths understood by all tired, achy and flat-out old upperclassmen. We delved deep into his tweets for Faiella’s most #relatable thoughts on being old. 

 Like any Bobcat old enough to know that Red Brick isn’t fun and that dining halls only stopped using trays because people kept stealing them to use as sleds, Faiella has come to rely heavily on caffeine to get through the day. 

 At times throughout the last few years, this gave him vision. 

 But at others, he struggled with his dependency. 

 As a wise, aging person, Faiella has no time for the laziness of young whippersnappers. 

 Especially those who have the audacity to point out just how old he might be. 


While Faiella may technically still be a college student, he has the hopes and dreams of a much older man. 


 Of course, while it may be more likely that he’s just feeling as grumpy and old as every other senior at OU, Faiella’s tweets suggest the possibility that he might be some sort of time-bending warlock who has freed himself from the mortal construct of time, aging as rapidly as he wants. 



 Whichever it is, Jake Faiella seems to be doing alright as he embraces old age. 

 And assuming he can hold off senioritis long enough . . .  



 . . . he has big plans for his future as an elderly Ohio grad. 



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