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7 Reasons Logan Paul Should’ve Gone to OSU and Left Us Out of It

Every Bobcat is ashamed to say that Logan Paul once roamed the streets of Athens. If we could magically change the past, we would have steered Logan Paul in the direction of attending the other university in Ohio—Ohio State. Here are seven reasons why OSU would have been a better fit for the former Vine and YouTube star.

6.) He’s arrogant:
Let’s look at Logan Paul’s most recent apology for his disturbing visit to Japan’s famed suicide forest, in which he makes fun of man who committed suicide: “This is a first for me. I’ve never faced criticism like this before, because I’ve never made a mistake like this before … I didn’t do it for the views. I get views.” The egotistical “I” is repeated almost as much as the pretentious “The” is from Ohio State University students. 

5.) He likes to be the center of attention:
We all know Logan Paul loves the attention, whether it is because of positive or negative reactions. And if you look at a map of Ohio, you can see that Ohio State is right in the center as well, seeming like a perfect fit for Mr. Paul.

4.) Fans are loyal, despite suckiness:
If anyone can be as loyal as Logan Paul’s fans, it’s Ohio State fans. Every year, they are certain they will place No. 1 on the NCAA’s college football polls, and every year, they are continually disappointed but fans still remain true. Just like Logan Paul’s fans remain faithful even after he made fun of a dead body, it’s another reason he would have been better fit studying at OSU.

3.) He went to school to be an engineer:
Now why would you come to OU to be an engineer? If you’re not a journalism, sports management, or education major, then OSU would probably be the better choice. If only Logan Paul knew that…

2.) He was an all-star athlete:
OSU is athlete central, while OU is obviously not. Logan Paul wasn’t crowned beer pong king in high school, so Ohio University wasn’t his right calling. Instead, the all-star football player and wrestler should of chose to attend OSU to continue his agile, never-hungover behavior.

1.) He would fit in nicely at Bullwinkles:
Name two things that go better together than Logan Paul and Bullwinkles. Now that you’ve had time to think and failed, we’d imagine Redbrick is a close second, but doesn’t quite take the cake. Flashy lights, spacious dance floors, and overly disgusting and inhumane grinding seems like it would only be apart Logan Paul’s wildest dreams, but if he went to OSU, it would have been a reality.

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