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Lucky’s Sports Tavern Introduces ‘Liquor Tub Tuesdays’

Lucky’s Sports Tavern, known for their liquor pitchers on Wednesdays, has introduced a new weekly special: Liquor Tub Tuesday.

Lucky’s Liquor Tub Tuesday will include five gallons of hard liquor, no mixers or chasers, for only $6.

The choices of liquor include Kamchatka Vodka, Guckenheimer Whiskey, Sauza Tequila, and, for only a $1 more, The Pass Out and Die: a heart stopping mixture of the vodka, whiskey and tequila with absolutely no mixers or chasers.

Lucky’s serves their new drink special in a sort of trough, a large tub with no straws that consumers can simply stick their faces into and let the liquor flow down their throats. The extremely large and wide nature of these tubs of liquor make them great for sharing–or not!

The Court Street staple has decided to keep an ambulance on hand for the multiple patrons that have violently thrown up, passed out, or bled through their eyes and nostrils as a result of consuming a liquor tub.

“Here at Lucky’s, we’re known for taking risks,” said Lucky’s owner, Rick Lucky. “We’re not entirely sure if this’ll be profitable, and we’re certainly not sure if this is legal. That’s basically a win-win when it comes to taking risks… a risk-risk you could say.”

Although Mr. Lucky seemed enthusiastic, other employees aren’t convinced.

“Working last night was an absolute nightmare,” said one bartender, who asked to remain anonymous. “None of our toilets work. The floor is covered in liquor and feces. I had to throw out over 35 customers last night, and those tubs we used are almost impossible to wash.”

Although it may be a difficulty for the bar, there are some very excited guests.

“Oh my god I can’t feel my face,” said one happy customer.

“I think I just shat myself,” said another. “At least I’m getting my money’s worth!”

This morning, though, some Twitter users found themselves regretting consuming multiple gallons of straight liquor on a Tuesday night.

One Twitter user, @TommyPickles_1 tweeted: “I lost my shoes, missed all my classes today, and I have a pierced nipple. That was my first and last Liquor Tub Tuesday.” 

@KellyyyDee tweeted: “I cannot believe I consumed a trough full of tequila last night. I feel like my brain is trying to escape my skull.”

@O’BlenessER tweeted: “Whoever created Liquor Tub Tuesdays should be sued! We have pumped 13 students’ stomachs and have 25 more in the waiting room!!! God help us all.”

In the past, Lucky’s has considered other methods of serving customers large amounts of liquor at once. Bourbon Barrels on Monday was introduced but never took off, and Kamchatka Kegs on Thursdays was a complete failure after nine people got alcohol poisoning.

After the wild success of Liquor pitchers, though, Lucky’s isn’t giving in that easy.

“We’re really hoping the students will eventually love the liquor tubs like they do the liquor pitchers,” Lucky said. “We can only hope that we can get Athens students to our bar to drink liquor out of large vessels every single night of the week.

“I’ve begun to consider the brunch market as well. Picture this: Bloody Mary’s in a bucket, mimosas in a trench…the opportunities are endless.” 

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