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7 “Hip” OU Phrases to Teach Your Grandma this Thanksgiving

Your grandma is coming into town for Thanksgiving, and you love your grandma, but sometimes she struggles to understand you kids and your “hip lingo”. It’s time to help Meemaw communicate with the complicated, educated minds of us college students. Here are the 7 phrases you need to teach your grandmother this holiday season.

7.) “It’s lit fam”:
It is lit, fam. Tell your grandma this is something she could say when she walks into knitting circle and Theresa is just a few stitches away from finishing her scarf. She could also try this one when she shows up to Thanksgiving Dinner and starts chugging a mimosa. Make sure she knows it has nothing to do with family or fire, it’s just a fun saying for whenever things get groovy.

6.) “Welcome come back Babcat”:
Tell your G-ma the origin story about Ginger’s Twitter hilarity. (This could be a long one to explain because you’ll have to explain what Twitter is, what Ginger Asian Kitchen is, and why they made so many errors. Don’t be racist.) Now that grandma is in the loop, explain that she could use this one anytime someone comes back from somewhere, or when a pal who hasn’t been hitting the bars as often finally comes out on a Saturday night. Welcome come back Babcat.

5.) “I can’t even”:
Explain to your grandmother this is when she is either so stressed out or so excited that she just “can’t even.” She could say this when her daughter-in-law refuses to come to Christmas dinner. Or when her pie comes out of the oven burnt. Or when she sees just how much her grandson has grown since the last time she saw him!

4.) “YOLO”:
This one is perfect for Grandma, because at 80 years old, things start to get real, and she’s realizing she truly only will live once. Explain to her that this is something she can say when she squeezes the butt of your sister’s new boyfriend. She could also try this one out when she hits that maximum speed on her mobility scooter, or when she goes for a third serving of pumpkin pie.

3.) “Liquor pitchers”:
You’ll have to explain to your granny that every Wednesday, Lucky’s and Pawpurrs serve buckets of sugar and liquor for $5 a pop, and it’s a weekly holiday in Athens. As soon as you tell this to her, she’s going to want to try one out immediately, (because YOLO,) so mix her up a Dirty Shirley in her favorite iced tea pitcher and go to town.

2.) “Send it”:
This is a timeless phrase that Grandma can easily understand. It’s something you can shout when you’re about to chug a beer, deciding whether to go to the bars, or getting ready to jump into a pool. Your nana could say this right before she pricks her finger for her daily blood glucose check, or when she only has one more square to fill at bingo. She could also yell it when she throws aside her walker to get out on the dance floor: you go grandma, send it!

1.) “Fest me don’t arrest me”:
This is something OU kids say during any one of our 12 fests that really means, “We don’t want to get in trouble, we just want to party.” Your grandma could say this if she ever finds herself in the middle of the street with an open container wearing nothing but an NBA jersey, yelling, “Fuck the police.” Classic Grammie.

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