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6 Sexy OU Professors Who Got Snubbed by Their Rate My Professor Hotness Rating

Year in and year out, the website Rate My Professor gives students the chance to anonymously applaud all of their great professors who guided them on their journey to knowledge and enlightenment. On the site, students can also rate the “hotness” of their professors. For some, this option is like putting sprinkles on your already great sundae. But for most, it essentially gives students the opportunity to kick their professor while they’re down. Some deserve it, while others do not. Many of you need to be reminded that looks aren’t everything. So, here is a list of the most upsetting, unfair, and untrue hotness rating snubs at Ohio University.

6.) Craig McCarthy, Psychology:

McCarthy is a well-known stats professor who is particularly easy to pick out with his friendly smile and welcoming Canadian accent. That’s right, we said accent. This was a huge hotness snub, not only because his looks are so sharp that they could cut a thin slice of provolone, but also because of that fantastic personality. He’s the complete package.

5.) Juli Miller, Health Science:

This snub was a huge head scratcher. The lady assigns a ton of homework in her courses and is a notoriously tough grader. Not to mention she doesn’t review before her tests. Additionally, she loves Jeopardy and her role model is Alex Trebek. On top of all of that, the only assignment she really cares about is a community service project. You’re telling us that none of that just turned you on?

4.) Robert Stewart, Journalism:

Rob Stewart is in a band. Enough said. Professor Stewart also endorses a “work smarter, not harder” attitude when it comes to teaching his course, having guest speakers come in and give sage advice for him. So, he has brains, is in a band, and he’s extremely nice. This man is a triple treat, but don’t you dare cross this man. 

3.) T. David Curp, History:

The “T” is for tonight, because that’s when you’ll be hearing his name. Professor Curp’s claim to fame is that he treats his students how they treat their school. He loves to cram, likes to talk about whatever he feels like talking about during lectures, and he’s super disorganized. Other personality traits include being a huge pop quiz guy, which is his way of keeping his students’ heads on a swivel, and being a con artist, making his students pay $100 for a website they never use. But hey, who doesn’t like a sexy surprise like Professor Curp?

2.) Jessie Roberson:

“Roberson’s book smarts are off the charts, but he has the interpersonal skills of a cinderblock,” someone wrote about him on the site. He’s supposedly disrespectful to students and doesn’t know how to teach. Think about it: Isn’t his no-nonsense personality kind of… hot? In Roberson’s defense, his previous work experience is in law firms. What would you expect from someone who worked so closely with lawyers?

1.) Lena Myers, Social Science:
Professor Myers is known for not being up to date or current with any of her teaching. She’s also quite old. But she has a wicked sense of fashion and has been paid many compliments from her previous students. “She is either on drugs or clinically insane” and “2 words: crack head” were by far the most notable. If only she knew how to work technology, we’d have a picture to provide you with of this grey fox.

Overall, we’re very disappointed in the students who so unfairly and inaccurately rated these professors. Give credit where credit is due, Bobcats.


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