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The Hands-Down Top 5 Dorms at Ohio University


Overall the dorms on OU’s campus are good… but not great. However, there are a few that stand out above the rest, that you should try for whether you are an incoming freshman, sophomore with an early pick date, or a lazy senior who wants to live off the teat of university dining. A good dorm could make for a good year.


5.) Convocation Center:



This one might seem a little surprising but we like the Convo mostly because of its proximity to all of the sporting events on campus. You have the Peden Stadium which is a visible from your window, the baseball and softball fields are in its backyard, Ping is just a hop and a skip away all the while you are sleeping above the basketball court. It also has a very unique set up with the quadrant of quads. Also it has a laundry room in the building which is solid.



4.) Johnson Hall



The East Green abode highlights a number of solid dormitories in the eastern region of campus. Johnson’s rooms are all equipped with the coveted in-room sinks. That’s right, every room has their own sink for washing your hands, brushing your teeth, getting water for your 9th ramen of the week etc. Also this dorm is one of the newer buildings on East Green, and we at The Black Sheep have one rule: new is always better. 



3.) The Front Four on South Green:




Brown, Crawford, Mackinnon and Pickering are the shining stars of South Green dorm buildings. Situated right in the front of the green, they overlook what OU students like to call “South Beach”. This so-called beach has sand volleyball courts, basketball courts and open areas of grass to throw a football or frisbee. They’re also located right next to the newly renovated (not as new as Boyd) Nelson Dining Hall, a favorite among students. However, beware of traveling too deep into South Green, because it can get pretty scary back there in the Dirty South.



2.) Bromley Hall:




The hotel turned dormitory, has one of the best locations on campus as it is positioned right across the street from Buffalo Wild Wings on Union Street. Your access to Court Street is unlike any dorm building on campus. The dorm is also equipped with suite style of living, which means that two doubles are connected with a bathroom in the middle. So if you get a good group of four people it could make for a sweet (LOL) set up. Also there are no freshmen! Just kidding freshies, you guys aren’t that bad.


1.) New Dorms on South Green:


new dorms


How can you even argue this? These buildings are brand spanking new. Have you been in them yet? If not, then you’re missing out. Just like Bromley, this also has suite style living, but it is even better as the new dorms added a little more space with the sky high ceilings. Also the community rooms are nice as shit, probably too nice for drunk freshmen tbh.


Well, now you know where to live on campus next year, or live in regret knowing you wasted a year of your life in Johnson Hall. And remember, if you end up on Dirty South; may God have mercy on your soul.


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