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8 Important Things You’ll Need to Hike Bong Hill This Spring

As the year ends and the temperatures warm up, there’s no better way to enjoy a nice day than hiking up Bong Hill.  You’ll feel the burn as you climb over some of the steeper rocks, and once you get to the top, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful view of Ohio University’s campus. You’ll have to be prepared, though—if you don’t come with the right stuff, your hike will be pointless and sad. These are the 8 things you’ll need to take with you when you hike Bong Hill.

8.) A good pair of hiking shoes:
Your sneakers should work just fine, but be careful—if it’s rained recently, they will definitely get muddy. Wear shoes with good tread; it’s a steep and slippery trail. The best option is hiking boots, but whatever you do, leave your flip flops and moccasins at home.

7.) Weed:
You’re going to need a lot of marijuana. You can’t hike Bong Hill without getting really high. The view just won’t be the same unless you’re baked.

6.) A backpack for supplies:
Leave your purse at home, you’re going to want to keep your hands free to help with your balance and grab onto the rocks. A small backpack is perfect so that you can hike without any trouble. Remember to bring a blanket along so you can lay it out on the grass once you get to the top.

5.) Weed:
What’s Bong Hill without smoking some weed out of a little bong? If you forget this important item, your hike will be extremely disappointing.

4.) Snacks:
You might get hungry on your hike or want to have a romantic picnic while you watch the sun set over the university. Or, you’ll have vicious munchies and need something to eat. Either way, bring some snacks. Trail mix is great because it’s delicious and literally made for trails. Or you can build a campfire on the top of the hill and roast some marshmallows. There’s no feeling like having s’mores with your pals on top of Bong Hill.

3.) Weed:
This is a necessity. Don’t forget the greenery while you take in the scenery.

2.) A camera:
Once you get to the top, you’re definitely going to want to take a few photos of the beautiful view. Maybe even bring a selfie-stick so you can take photos of your friends with the campus as a backdrop. Borrow a fancy DSLR from one of your viscom friends so you get the very best pictures.

1.) Weed:
What else are you going to put in your bong?

Once you’ve gathered all these items, you’re all ready to go. Grab your friends and get hiking! Oh, and don’t forget the weed.


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