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7 Things to Do With Your Underage Siblings During Sibs Weekend

It’s that time of the year again where everyone with a pulse wants to pose as your sibling and come drink their weekend away in the lovely Athens! Sibs weekend is all fun and games, unless your siblings are like, 15 years old. Here are 7 activities you can enjoy with your underage siblings, without drinking.

7.) Feed the birds on College Green:
If anyone is more bored in Athens than your underage siblings who can’t drink, it has to be the birds living on College Green. Show your sympathy by treating them to a loaf of bread. But don’t feel too bad for them, at least they can watch all the drunks make stupid decisions during their walk home. Something you definitely won’t be doing this weekend!

6.) Grab lunch at Shively:
Shively, hooray! Treat your underage siblings to an OU “specialty”— the glorious Shively dining hall. They can have any combination of comfort food that they want, and it is all made right there. No waiting and no preparing, it’s practically better than your mom’s home cooking! Or at least your 8-year-old tasteless kid brother might think so, because he doesn’t know any better. Just make sure to warn them of the continuous shits that will occur as soon as you leave.

5.) Count the steps on Jeff Hill:
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop? How many steps to make up Jeff Hill? The world may never know. So, why don’t you take your underage siblings to find ou?. That’ll buy you some time until you have to think of your next dreadful activity. Okay, so we’re reaching here, but you’re the one hanging with a bunch of kids in a 21-and-up town. Gotta take what you can get!

4.) Go to a magic show:
OU is bringing a magician to town for the weekend! They understand that not everyone can share the joys drowning their face in cheap liquor with their family, so they are encouraging you to bring underage siblings into Baker for a night full of magic. And maybe, if you’re lucky, the magician will create an illusion of alcohol just for you! Let’s just hope it’s not an Ice.

3.) Visit the Athens County Dog Shelter:
This is a win-win situation for both Athens and your family. Who doesn’t love dogs? No one. And who needs people to take care of dogs? Athens. Many college students cannot take of a dog during this time of their life. Too much money spent on alcohol and too much time at the bars. But that is not the case for your underage siblings! Have them pick up a dog today.

2.) Eat dinner at Casa Nueva:
Athens is known for Casa Nueva, a local restaurant that serves Mexican food while giving back to the community. Although not everyone in the community will be celebrating their weekend like you, and not everyone in the community will be coherent enough to have dinner at a restaurant, at least you and your underage siblings can! Just make sure no margaritas are ordered—even though it’s a fun weekend, they still card. Well, maybe one just for you.

1.) Sneak them in through the back door at Crystal:
Let’s face it: no one is going to really be able to enjoy the great OU without a sip of alcohol, and let’s admit that all freshman have figured out a way to get embarrassingly plastered. How, you ask? Well, there’s this thing called a back door, or if you ask freshman, the gate to heaven. So, take a risk! Try sneaking your underage siblings through the back door of Crystal. Then, they will forget all of the horribly boring things you did, and rather thank you, because they got to experience the gate to heaven too.

Happy Sibs Weekend!



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