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A Thot’s Guide To Fall Photography In Athens

It’s that time of year again! Put those revealing two-piece bikini pics on the back burner for a few months, ‘cuz it’s nearly time for some comfy cozy sweater weather! Now play that “Autumn Acoustic” Spotify playlist, grab a cup of overpriced, over-spiced coffee, and let’s learn a few tips from the guide to fall photography that’ll put your stupid friends’ Instagram pictures to SHAME.

5.) Find a beautiful location that really shows off that earthy orange fall palette: 

The benches behind Bentley Hall are a prime spot. Pick up some leaves and have your photographer take a picture as they gracefully fall through the air around you! Too cute!

4.) Try standing somewhere else instead of the middle of Court Street:

Oh, alright…yeah, the leaves are very pretty. Maybe not a great location, though.  Traffic can be pretty busy during the school year, and you wouldn’t want to be killed by an oncoming car, would you? Let’s also try a different pose! Consider some more variation in composition, color, and tone as well.

3.) You should really get out of the road:

Ummm, I take it you didn’t like my suggestions, did you?  This is seriously making me very afraid and nervous. Listen, Claire, we’ve all been a little bit afraid and nervous around you lately. You haven’t been going to class, you haven’t been cleaning up around your dorm…those squirrel corpses are really starting to smell, Claire. We need to be honest. This isn’t really a photography guide. This is an intervention. You need help.


WE’RE DOING THIS TO HELP YOU. We’ve had ENOUGH of the murmuring! ENOUGH of the scratching at the mod’s bathroom door when it is CLEARLY in use! We CAN’T TAKE your incessant wailing of Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi” in reverse! This isn’t 2003, CLAIRE! Stop. Stop. STOP.

1.) Grab some more leaves! Everyone loves leaves!:

 Throw them! Smell them! Touch them with your human fingers! Feel the leaves on your face! In your eyes! Put the leaves in your eyes! Put the leaves in your eyes! PUT THE LEAVES IN YOUR EYES.

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