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6 Tweets College Republicans at OU Would’ve Tweeted-then-Deleted

As Donald Trump’s presidency continues, more and more voters are experiencing a little bit of regret about who they put their trust in to run the nation. OU Republicans have tweeted many things that they later regretted, and The Black Sheep has helped add to that by creating some tweets college Republicans would’ve tweeted-then-deleted. SAD! 

6.) This shocking confession:This tweet may be fake, but it is very clear that it’s still something that they firmly believe. Wearing Sperry’s with your Nike socks is wrong, Republicans, and we’re glad you took the initiative to take down this tweet. Please practice what you preach and stop making this fashion faux pas!

5.) This dirty, dirty post:

No one can tell you which bar in Athens is the best, but everyone can tell you which one isn’t. Crystal is a sweaty, greasy, terrible place filled with dirty children … but they do have popcorn. @OUCRs probably would have received a lot of backlash for this one and definitely a lot of judgement. Despite taking down this tweet, on any given day you can walk into the Stal and find at least three College Republicans.

4.) This insensitive statement:

This tweet is not only insensitive, it’s just plain wrong. Pumpkin the cat is a national treasure and a local celebrity, not to mention Pumpkin is a male cat, and would be deeply offended if he were able to read this. Republicans took this one down shortly after rubbing their bellies and (probably) receiving strongly worded letters from everyone in the Athens County Board of Elections Office. Nobody messes with Pumpkin.

3.) This out-of-touch tweet:

Woof, this one is unfortunate. Although Cosby fooled us all, it’s good to know that he definitely fooled the College Republicans, and they tweeted about it. Embarrassing? Yes. But should everyone laugh at them because of it? Also yes.

2.) This surprisingly sensible tweet that was likely due to a hack:

This one is just plain odd coming from the OU College Republicans. It’s so sensible that people might actually agree with this, but, alas, it’s no surprise they deleted it. Shout out to whoever hacked the @OUCRs twitter, or the social media guy who took a stand for what he believes in.

1.) This ugly opinion:

One of the OU College of Republicans’ most proud moments is when they helped get Jay Edwards elected as State Representative. Jay Edwards is known for sending spicy DMs to college-aged women. He taught these College Republicans to send unwarranted messages to women online, and how to delete tweets that might not age well. Thanks Jay!

The College of Republicans has some explaining to do! But we understand: it’s hard to run a Twitter account and an organization. It’s even harder to garner support for our oompa loompa commander-in-chief, so kudos to them for doing the dirty work.

Republican, Democrats, listen to our damn podcast. 

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