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6 Things You Fool Yourself into Thinking About Oklahoma State

All of you Stilly-living fools out there have done it again, but this time you fooled yourself. You people thought OSU was meant for the best. WRONG! It’s actually just a university chockful of shit-shows and mishaps…so we thought we would go ahead and shine a light on all the things that OSU students have been lying to themselves about for years.


6.) Oklahoma State is the non-douchey school in Oklahoma:

Since there’s no saving the far-douchier, fart-smelling, Boomer-loving, cousin-cuddling school in Norman, people tend to gravitate to OSU. Although it may seem like it’s all cool cats in Stillwater, there is plenty of douchebaggery to go around.


5.) People are friendlier here:

Oklahoma State is known for having a small-town feel to it. Everyone knows each other and we’re all just one big happy family, right? Not a shot. There’re plenty of idiot “country boys” in their jacked-up trucks that won’t get off your ass, then flip you off when they finally pass. There’s an abundance of unhappy rude-boys at OSU, just like the rest of collegiate America. They just like sit in their dorms and pout about some petty “problem” that doesn’t impact them at all.


4.) Stillwater is a great college town:

The current residents of Stillwater are the large-scale equivalent of the people you see at Walmart at 3 a.m. They are the physical embodiment of the phrase, “What are you?” You’ll definitely know a Stillwater native, or “Gator,” when you see one. The town may bleed orange, but people who slam a bottle before leaving the liquor store parking lot aren’t the preferred representation of Stillwater.


3.) OSU is starting to become a basketball school:

Oklahoma State is not a basketball school. Sure, they’ve had a few decent players come through that haven’t amounted to anything in the NBA, but when’s the last time Gallagher-Iba sold out on a regular basis? Although there is a large portion of students that enjoy getting schmacked at basketball games, it’s nothing compared to Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke or anyone else that’s consistently in the tournament for more than 1 round. #MakeGIAGreatAgain


2.) OSU is better at athletics than OU:

Although Oklahoma State’s athletic department is on the come-up, and OU basketball sucked fat wang this year, there’s still considerable distance between OU and OSU, relative to each other. OU’s consistently had better teams in every sport, the only exception being OSU’s wrestling team, which is (debatably) the best in the country. The Cowboys “big brother complex” never ceases to stand in the way of a loss from the Sooners. OU’s legacy is just slightly out of reach, but maybe one day OSU can get there.

1.) Eskimo Joe’s is the place to be in Stillwater:

Stillwater’s own Eskimo Joe’s is great and all, but every college town has 1 or 2 places like this. Joe’s is great, but once you’ve been one time, you’ve been a million times. It only changes every 20-30 years, and everyone that comes into town goes straight to Joe’s as if it’s something they’ve never seen a restaurant. There’s always a ton of people and it’s all just for some cheese fries. They’re good, but not wait-an-hour-and-a-half good. And now that Wheel Wednesdays been replaced by Willie’s Wednesday there’s no reason to come but to restock on cups.


Oklahoma State is a great university, but don’t be fooled into believing it isn’t flawed. Despite all the shit shows out there, it still beats going to OU.



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