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8 Things to Do in Stillwater Over the Summer

Summertime is full of ups and downs, crazy nights and even crazier hangovers, all play and no work, sunshine, beaches, and babes. Although a summer in Stillwater may not contain quite so much beach, the ups, downs, and hangovers hold truth in this city of boredom. We’ve thought of 8 things to do, rather than pay attention to that 4-week course, to pass your time in Stilly this summer sanely.


8.) Dancing the Night Away at The Weed:

Although you may be one of the very few people there this summer, Tumbleweed is always memorable… mainly because it’ll be all over Snapchat in the morning. There’ll be those two drunk dudes going to blows over dancing with the other’s girl, or simply bumming one too many cigs…basically, people just want to fight. So, when you aren’t in the dancing mood, you can just stand and watch the proverbial shit hit the fan.


7.) Outdoor Adventures at Lake McMurtry:

Lake McMurtry is a fun place “f*ck sh*t up” in Stillwater this summer. Alcohol is pretty much outlawed at McMurtry, so you’ll just have to sneak it in like it’s Boone Pickens Stadium. There’re places to camp, fish, swim, and chill out on the docks, which are cool and shit, but you haven’t truly experienced the outdoor wonder of McMurtry unless you make a trip out of it. *wink, wink*


6.) Drunken Museum of Art:

Unless you’re an art major, or an old couple, you’ll find little excitement in such a place. Much like every other place on this list, smokin’ and drankin’ is suggested before entering this fine establishment, as it will enhance the effects that the art has on you and your emotions. If they do start talking to you, refrain from conversing with the art, and head for the exit, because you’re officially too “turnt” to Picasso this shit.


5.) Checking Out Lost Safari Creek:

Although largely unknown, there is a USDA certified (tasty) exotic park, or mini-zoo, in Stillwater. Never heard of it? Recently reopened and better than ever before (thank god), it’s now a little more “safari” instead of just “lost creek.” A cheap and kind-of-fun alternative to the monotony of Stillwater, and it smells exactly how it sounds.



4.) Take a “Shot” at the Wrestling Hall of Fame:

The odds of you enjoying the Wrestling Hall of Fame are pretty much equal to the odds you enjoy the art museum: next to f*ckin’ zero. Instead of Grammy and Pappy piling into the art museum, it’s the sweaty, meat-headed jock-sniffers whom enjoy rolling around with each other on mats like it’s ancient Greece. If you can get past the idea of some sweaty dudes “pinning” each other, it’s actually a good time.


3.) Sunday Strolls Through The Botanic Gardens:

Sorry guys, you’ll get stuck here a time or two, but it’ll all come full circle next time you’re feeling frisky. Not only is it a cheap way to spend time with your little lady, but you’ll land you serious brownie points for some of that good lovin’ later on. It’s also a nice place to talk, if you’re into that sort of thing.


2.) Turn Up With the Iron Monks:

Although the hours aren’t quite as extensive, it’ll still get the job done, you’ll just have to drink a little faster than normal…which is already faster than normal. The brewery sells any and all of your favorite Iron Monk frosty brews, so you can even leave with a little liquid souvenir. So, if you didn’t get enough the first time, you have plenty more for the Uber ride home.


1.) Lil’ Boosin’ The Strip

If boozin’ and bruisin’ at the brewery doesn’t quite cut it for you, head on down to The Strip for lots of frosty treats. You can get all of the little pleasures of life in the form of a glass bottle on just a quarter-mile of what we call the happiest place in Stillwater. As an alcoholic’s paradise, The Strip is lined with greasy food places to fill your junk-food-craving-needs after a night of 375ml dashes.


 Basically, what we’ve learned is: to have fun in Stilly over summer you have to raise your BAC. So, drink up and get weird this summer, because Stillwater gets a hell of a lot more interesting after a few.

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